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  1. JEEZ your blaming GWB for that Bill, Usually your posts have some kind of intelligent thought behind them. That last statement is ridiculous.
  2. Just the other facts: Read only if you want to be fair.
  3. I don't beleive FNC is a leftist media. I do beleive they are "fair & balanced" I would rather hear both sides even if the left side is wrong
  4. Wendy coming out to the DZ Sat.? By the way if we are not at war then the Geneva convention does not apply. I still beleive we are fighting a war on terror and then the Geneva convention does apply. What part of the Geneva convention are we not abiding by? See link below for the Geneva convention.
  5. Amendment V No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; I beleive we are at war and our public is in danger!
  6. *** Democracy: A system whereby one person may have more people vote for him but because some fucked up college system exists does not win.*** I think you shoud worry a little more about fixing your own country rather than calling what our framers did fucked up. It might not be perfect but it is the best thing going!!!
  7. Kelly you bad bad girl. rember our saying what goes n at couch stays at couch, you know pay backs can be awful... hmmmmm let me think....yea.... oh i can't do it. I'll just search my computer for some kelly pics!!!
  8. Well lummy, I don't hardly see you anymore anyway, might be because you won't pay a boogie fee Just to set the record straight. I have not quit jumping!!!!! (But my gear is for sale for $10,000 that includes the black jump suit)( $9,000.00 fo you larry) I made 4 jmps on the 27th of April @ spaceland, I did 3 weekends of demos in may & then Paula had her little accident. I decided to not jump until she got her hard cast off which was the 18th of June, and I jumped on the 21st of June. So there, my gosh people don't see ya for a few weeks and ya can't control the rumors.
  9. DOOON"T Do it Don't poist this reply and support ignorance.
  10. antimike

    an Arab view

    Quote: I heard each of those points on the news a lot as being attributed to people against the war. But from actually talking to people I found that the majority were against it for two basic reasons. 1) People would die and killing is bad, 2) It won't do much good in the long run. __________________________________________________ Point # 1 I agree killing is very bad! Saddam has been killing his own people for 32 years. It is also bad to imprison children for not being in the Military. It is also bad to commit genicide by gassing thousands of kurdish civilianns with WMD's that he dosen't have. It is also bad to hang your citizens or cut their tounges out for disagreeing. But your right killing is bad so should we shut our eyes and pretend it's not happening or hope it goes away on it's own or is killing only bad when it happens to us, OH wait it did on 9/11/2001 or did we forget. Did Iraq have anything to do with that My opinion is yes but not backed by facts. Do I think he would do it to the USA Yes I do. So do we turn our backs on killing or do we stop it. Point 2: I feel the majority of intelligent people KNOW it will do good. and has already done so in the fact that all though the war is far from over the regime of an evil dictaor is over and the world is already a much safer place for every one.
  11. antimike

    an Arab view

    I think I miscommunicated my last statement. I 100% think we have to finish the job. We must set up an IIA, and ensure the stability of Iraq until they can hold their own elections & set up their own democracy. I'm also glad that that we didn't listen to the people who only predicted gloom & doom for 13 colonies 225+ years ago. I think we have done a pretty good job. Or we couldn't have this debate.
  12. antimike

    an Arab view

    Before the war all the negative people in the world were saying how big of a tragedy this would be. How hundreds of thousands Iraqis would be killed. How the American casulty rate would be high and how the Iraqi people would fight us to the very end because they did not want to be liberated. Then the war started and it was a bad battle plan, not enough troops we would be stopped in Baghdad. Now that everything has been proven wrong people have the nerve to say it was staged in Hollywood, My God people what will it take. Now your predicting that Iraqis aren't capable of living free. Who made you people Iraqis experts & How do you know this? Sometimes it just makes me sick to my stomach to listen to this BS after all we have done to help make our own country safer (remember the terrorist camps we destroyed, but that was probably staged in Hollywood as well) and free an Intelligent people from a ruthless dictator. My opinion is give it a rest pull together and bring our soldiers home as soon as we can!!!!!
  13. Anybody know about this? Saw a classified from Phil Chapel adverising for staff in the classified section for a new Houston DZ
  14. Lisa now all you women worl record holders need to ask 3 of your girlfriends who are qualified and do a 350 way for jump for the cause--- no pressure