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  1. I agree with you. Unless its a quick "how are you? or "meet you in 5 minutes" or something, its just so much easier to communicate via phone. I think texting takes up too much time and seems ridiculous as a way to have a more substantive conversation. I think it really just a way for some men/women to avoid talking to the person. It is sad that nowadays we have reverted to talking on the phone or making plans just to see each other face to face. Plus its dangerous when driving.
  2. my ex had a pillow-top mattress and I swear it was the most comfortable bed in the world. Too bad for him that he could never wake me up for middle of the night nooky as it was so comfortable! i have a queen and it works great for me.
  3. Isnt that getting to be a bit tired.... the right wing saying that anyone that thinks Bush is an incompetent and a liar is filled with hate??? Didnt that crap start on right wing HATE radio... to bludegeon anyone not RIGHT THINKING enough for the religious wrong??? Sheesh.. all that persecuition complex sure must hurt now that Bush has let so many of you down with his performance... or lack of performance to make the country over into a right wing wet dream. Why does the right wing hate our country so much?? Your comments above are completely ridiculous.. why does the right wing hate our country? i think YOUR comments are a bit tired as you obviously have a very focused hatred of all things related to Bush and to the "right wing" And just to note, I consider myself a moderate and do not support most of the policies of Bush or the "right wing"
  4. The issue of abortion is such a complicated issue and there are so many greys involved.. while most everyone here has stated good reasons on both sides for why they are either pro-life/pro-choice or a bit of both depending on the circumstances, i think that the better way to solve this huge dilemma that has been around our country for years is to figure out how ALL sides can find common ground. What I am saying is that the goal of both sides should really the same -- to eliminate the need for abortion. To give women (and men) the tools so that a woman doesn't ever have to face the most painful decision of what to do. The way to do this is through preventive ways -- such as education -- whether it be abstinence, birth control, learning about what sex is -- and also through giving young mothers better options -- whether it be homes for unwed mothers, adoption, financial and emotional support, changing mindsets about being pregnant and young, etc. One area that really has lost lots of support and funding is the area of adoption. There are thousands of couples that would love to adopt a child yet today the answer for some pregnant wpmen is abortion because they don't think that they have any other options. I am pro-choice but i think you have to be responsible in that position. Because I do believe that teh entity inside a woman is a living organism and will be a human life. Its the mindset of people that makes it what they want. Do you ever hear a woman say at 2 months "Hey I am having a fetus" No she says, I am having a baby" Its a choice we make and a painful decision that is made to abort that child. I faced it once and i hope to never have to face it again. (of course as an adult it would be irreesponsible now for me to abort it). The goal should be to eradicate the need for women to think they need to have an abortion or to ever face that very difficult choice. Thats one area we should all unite around.
  5. luckily they show repeats throughout the week. So those of you missed the first episode (which I did too!) can look up when its on again.
  6. okay.. so my work just installed some firewalls so I can't get to half the websites, including here (i am emailing from my home computer). Do any of ou computer geniuses have any links/sites that will allow me to by-pass the firewall. thanks
  7. A few months back, there was a post talking about a website/websites that would let you get past those pesky firewalls. Does anyone know what it was? Or know how to get past? My work won't let me get into certain sites that have words that may seem inappropriate for work (and no, not porn sites but sites like or even shopping sites) thanks!