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    Tunnel flyer/Skydiver AIDS walk team!

    Let me talk with Nathan, I have a open ended plane ticket to California from when I had to cancel my last trip. If I cant join I will donate. I love how altruistic you are. You have a great soul
  2. lisamariewillbe

    Skydive Delmarva Hurricane Beach Party

    mmmmm Danas hurricanes.... Is Scrummy going?
  3. lisamariewillbe

    Skydive Las Vegas - verify the claims :-)

    So far thats my favorite They only have alot of things
  4. lisamariewillbe

    Blue Skies Vince

    Condolences to his family and to you my cult of the verizon brother. I know you will miss him on every jump but just remember hes still there and your still there funneling his exits.
  5. lisamariewillbe

    Eric Santee, please...

    Hes not really on here, but if you call Capitol skydiving in texas he answers the phones if hes not in the air.
  6. lisamariewillbe

    What's Your Minimum Exit Altitude?

    As low as the pilot orders me out at .... or 2000 feet.
  7. lisamariewillbe

    Past AFF did 1st solo

  8. lisamariewillbe

    Internet Advice

    Correspondence skydiving course... I take advice from a few on here, no doubt they are either right, or as right as anyone can be on the subjects I seek knowledge for. Billvon, Skybytch, Flyangel2, AFFI to name a few. That being said, personally I also am not a AFF student and I seek the knowledge from several sources, not just them but also articles and actual physical people at the dropzone.
  9. lisamariewillbe

    Gravity Rats Freefly Revolution IV Dec 1-3

    Im so watch
  10. lisamariewillbe

    Any pics of Fast Eddie

    Eddie, there may be a reason why you didnt have a camera, I cant believe you really did nekkid tandems
  11. That right there is AWESOME. So A. You had a beautiful long canopy ride and B. You get to come back for more. Tandems arent cheap... good on that DZ. What a way to treat a customer
  12. Yes it is , heres pre - jump picture
  13. lisamariewillbe

    personal skydiving high

  14. awwwwww ... weve had our talks so you know how I feel. This is a personal decsion and its only up to you.
  15. thats a horrible response. I usually dont talk about skydiving but when I get that comment I usually say something about how inspiring the sky is for me and tell them its not as ballsy as they think.
  16. lisamariewillbe


    Sometimes people go to jump as a hobby and consider packing to be work.
  17. lisamariewillbe

    From the bridge, next to her fiance' here's what i saw...

    This impacted us all to a hard degree, even those who are not jumpers like yourself. Please know there is peace to be had and she found her peace in this sport, with her friends and through Bob. This is hard on you to and if you need anyone to talk to , we are here for you. Although you do not jump, you met the heart of our sports and you will forever be impacted by her life and her death. God bless you.
  18. lisamariewillbe


    What? No no this isnt true ....please tell me this is some extreme lie , please , please ,please .... I cant handle this after this weekend... PLEASE be lying Walt.
  19. lisamariewillbe

    Need advice for DZ issue

    Id first say, thats hearsay and instead of going through this back and forth through your girlfriend drama approach him. Why not? Is he going to beat you up ? That doesnt make sense.... its always a good idea to confront those that make you uncomfortable, its kinda part of being an adult. So is he always lecturing you guys on safety? Personally I think he is in the right on this. He noticed you were sporting a camera and then brought it on a jump. You state you have 100 jumps to us, but refused to tell him.... instead you made 2 excuses about why you couldnt tell him your jump numbers stating time as the reason, yet how hard is it to say 100? You didnt want to tell him because you KNOW you shouldnt be jumping a camera. Hes an instructor, he is partly responsible for peoples safety at that DZ... now I get the feeling you are a 100 jump wonder....Maybe you should give him a chance and listen to him. The last paragraph, hmmmm well I just think your being a baby, id be curious to hear the instructors side. Touch it up, this sport isnt for people who cant stand on their own and take ownership of their own actions. What have you done to help create this "hostile" enviroment? What needs to be done if what you say is true is to talk to him like the man your supposed to be. If he treats everyone as he has treated you, including wuffos, I assume the management has heard the stuff before then right? Im less experienced in jumping, but I am smart enough to know my weakness in this sport and respect and APPRECIATE the advice from the more experienced jumpers. I have a feeling this is more about you being what they classify as a 100 jump wonder which is what I read when reading this... Skydiving, and firefighter (which I am both, although am not a firefighter anymore) are completley different ball games and to say this is in the same rodeo is silly at best
  20. lisamariewillbe

    Congratulations Pops x 2

    So awesome... happy birthday J.S.
  21. lisamariewillbe

    Post YOUR Summer Boogie Schedule

    Mike Mullins boogie in July (Minnosota) Skyfest It will be a slow summer for me, I hit enough boogies last summer to last me awhile
  22. lisamariewillbe

    Hello! I am an oldie but a newbie!!

    Wonderful.... welcome to the world of skydiving.
  23. lisamariewillbe

    Skydive San Marcos

    First and foremost, the one part of this dropzone that can not be matched is the vibe. All levels of experience are welcomed and encouraged to be safe and have fun. The staff isnt money hungrey, and if they spend time giving you a ground lesson they dont expect anything from you, nor do they act as if their time is wasted. Esp Perry, who truely is in this sport to bring others to this sport and to help them progress safer. Aircraft... Twin otter... we all know how awesome those are. Yes there are alot of tandems the best part is , tandems get the first pass and we get a second pass. That last min or two is spent spred out and relaxed. Its not the fastest plane in the world but it is comfortable. In door packing, clean restrooms, and nice bunkhouse = great facilities. There is a resturant with the chef making some incredible dinners (at least when I have been there) This really is a great dropzone, where newbies are treated as the future of the sport, not the rejected students that some DZs make one feel like. They always have time to lend a hand in regards to learning. It is a very smoothly operating place and I am pleased to have finally found a DZ in my area to call home.... Last but not least... one of the instructors is a certified massage thearpist... have a hard opening and he is right there helping you work the tension out inbetween loads.
  24. lisamariewillbe

    $13 Cinco De Mayo Boogie!

    OH OH OH I will be in San Diego that weekend.... can you all convince Nate that we dont have to go to the ball and that hed rather go to Cinco De Mayo?