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  1. I thought Overeem would take Brock as, by comparison, Overeem is like a mechanic to the MMA fight game, with a war chest bigger than a Snap-On truck, while Brock just has a phillips head screwdriver. Dos Santos will not be a walkover by any means. In fact, I think Dos Santos could ruin Overeem's day. Go Hendricks, Go Diaz. UFC 142 - Go Vitor! You're always the starter in your own life!
  2. Interesting predicament. One approach would be to try and understand your son's mindset or thinking before he opened the presents and then how he felt afterwards. So, I would suggest, naturally, as may already have happened, ask him. But when you ask him, tell him he won't get punished for it and that you love him and care about him and everyone makes a mistake from time to time. Hell, at his age, I lit our friggin' house on fire. Okay, no one got hurt. Anyway, my life turned out normal, except for this one hobby. Then ask him what he thinks Mommy and Daddy should do to him for breaking the Christmas "rule." If he understands it, give him a big hug and tell him you love him. If he doesn't, then explain the reasons to him. Lastly, he might want to get some insights on the politics of his action. In other words, he doesn't need to tell his friends or family. Doing so will bring negative responses. The most important thing is to have a great dialogue that allows him to release his guilt (assuming it's present) so he isn't tormented by it. Then, if possible, get him 3 gifts for Christmas so he has something to be surprised by. You're always the starter in your own life!
  3. Yes, it's true. America is eating itself alive with greed. True, war is a contract business, but when we don't vet our sources, when we don't put Americans first, American jobs first, our future first, we stick it to ourselves. The problem isn't China. It's us. http://levin.senate.gov/newsroom/speeches/speech/opening-statement-at-sasc-hearing-on-counterfeit-electronic-parts-in-dod-supply-chain You're always the starter in your own life!
  4. Everyone I meet who asks me about children and being a parent, I tell them this. Make a fist. That's your heart, right? Do you know how big your heat gets when the loving eyes of a child, your child, look your way? When they hug you in the way only your child can. When they say funny things, laugh, smile and explore. And that little person has a piece of you in them. And they have something in you -- a heart larger than the sun that sends all your love in their direction. My life would have a different meaning without Lauren. True, there are some people who aren't meant to have children. You're an artist. One in touch with the visual, the sensual, the feeling, the exploration of self and experience. Why rush. Wait. That decision can be made later. We evolve. Who we are now is not who we are later in life. Tastes change. Feelings change. Life is change. I would say keep yourself intact. Whole. Complete. True, only 15% of couples experience true love. To most, a child is one of the biggest parts of that happiness. Think about it. You're always the starter in your own life!
  5. Here's a quick run down of findings in several studies on sleep. One, conducted with the US Army, was particularly revealing. Shift work can wreck sleep and sleep patterns in many ways. First, keep well hydrated. That may sound funny, but if you're not urinating regularly and your urine is dark, drink water. You don't want sleep interrupted by a tinkle. If you start to feel run down, that's often one of the main reasons. Lack of hydration is a blood thickening, energy depriving, mental acuity stealing condition. Serious shit, seriously active prevention is necessary. Blacken your sleeping quarters. Period. Light filtering into the room can bring one out of REM sleep--the deepest, most replenishing sleep your body gets. We dip into REM a few times a night -- make it count. Do not work out before sleep. Vigorous exercise triggers the 'fight or flight' recticular activating mechanism in the brain, and it will phuck your sleep up. Work out at the start or early in your day. Quiet your sleeping quarters--if at all possible, wear ear plugs--have someone wake you up. While one sleeps, part of the brain stays awake. Sleep is a descent and ascent through stages, sound and light can keep someone in a light sleep reducing their ability to 'recharge' their batteries. Sleep regulates hormones ghelin, leptin and several others. Insufficient sleep depletes serotonin which increases sensitivity to stress, emotions and affect confidence. Sleep deprivation has been equated to impairness caused by alcohol -- both physical coordination and cognition. Stay on schedule! Ask your doctor about laurazepam or some other tranquilizer/sleep aid. Use extremely sparingly as you don't want to take drugs for anything if possible. Unfortunately, shift work can wreck you, and once in a while you need help. If one can't calm their mind, restful sleep doesn't come. Diet--reduce caffeine, no more caffeine of any kind after wake up. No tea, no stimulants of any kind, no energy drinks, no alcohol. Alcohol is a known REM sleep pattern inhibitor--a night drinking means a night of unrestful sleep. Take a great vitamin/mineral supplement in the AM, consider melatonin 45 mins. before bed (3 mg to start) as well as Sleepytime or Sleepytime extra tea (theanine) and relaxing herbal teas like chamomile. One must learn to wind down when the sun comes up. For accumulated sleep deprivation, one needs 18 restful sleeps to fully recuperate and put hormones back in balance. If dragging, nap! Naps work. In the end, you have to sleep and one must be disciplined about doing things to get a good sleep. If one doesn't maintain that discipline, they sentence themselves to suffer the run down, irritable, unclear mind, endless march, sit still and head drops world known unto the sleep deprived. Rock on Dog, make every day count! You're always the starter in your own life!
  6. Chuck Norris's orgasms are so powerful they leave exit wounds! You're always the starter in your own life!
  7. Go with how you feel. Make it nice and clean and don't wait or drag it out. Usually, it's more then the kid thing, it's a lot of things and sometimes they all can't be articulated but it just doesn't feel right so don't get stuck in it. As funny as it sounds, breaking up may be hard to do, but it's also liberating. What you feel at your core is usually dead on. Cheerio. You're always the starter in your own life!
  8. Now that's funny. It's akin to the idea that if you're walking the wrong way and realize it, you must stop and pretend something's happened in order to turn around and go back (i.e. check your watch, cell phone, etc.) It would look all to odd to do an about face while walking forward. You're always the starter in your own life!
  9. That's some wild crackpipe story if I ever heard one. Hopefully DeCaprio didn't tell it because anyone with experience knows it's b.s. My bet is a publicist released it to see the reaction and add to the aura of Leo. You're always the starter in your own life!
  10. Claire Forlani wants me, she just doesn't know it yet. When she does come to that realization, life will be a living hell of desire and longing. You're always the starter in your own life!
  11. I'm going as the Burger King. All bow to the Whopper! You're always the starter in your own life!
  12. Hipwrddude


    Me and Superman had a fight, I kicked his ass with Kryptonite, Then I went and ate his brain, Next I jumped on Lois Lane Lois, Lois, Lois Lane, Said until me had never came Down came Batman from the sky So I punched that fatman in the eye Robin took a fighting stance, He hit the floor on Batman’s pants Batgirl came and off we went When she exhaled I was spent Down in the alley dropped Spiderman Shot his web like a spider can What’s he thinkin', he knows me? Now he’s got no memory Batgirl came to see what’s up She got some lovin that never gave up Hulk was bad but not no more, He tried to hit me while I snored I kicked him in his rock like head His last punch missed but he was dead Betty came running and figured out After sex with me threw her sex toys out Five Superhero's beaten down More to fall when word gets round Let’s cut the chase and stop the rappin, Keep your girls happy and this wouldn’t happen. You're always the starter in your own life!
  13. A friend of mine threw a midget into a river. I guess you could say they were fucked. You're always the starter in your own life!
  14. To date, there hasn't been a single documented case of a psychic finding a child or solving a murder. They have created reasonable hunches that lead to nowhere, but never has a psychic produced information directly or indirectly solving a kidnapping or murder. When it comes to those crimes, why leave a stone unturned? You're always the starter in your own life!
  15. Offensive, not suited for children (and some adults,) vulgar and Ebonic-like, yet laugh riot funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fghQsUKNgq0 I didn't know the 3 Kings were: Martin Luther, Don and Rodney. You're always the starter in your own life!