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  1. While trying to find info on this camera, I stumbled upon this thread. Noticed no update since 2014. I since grabbed one and am using it for PGing -> was concerned about the possibility of helmet in frame when shooting video. Posted up links in the blog with a link to a) video: b) photos: You'll notice no helmet in frame for video but there is for stills.
  2. Here be me:
  3. I guess the Vigil vs CYPRES debate folk can chime in on it. Me, I still use a CYPRES '1' - if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Early adoption of 'mission critical' components has never been a big appeal to me
  4. Do they have a shipping outlet (UPS-like store where you could pick it up from) down in Odensburg (sp?), NY? They have them in WA state that alot of Vancouver residents use to avoid the outrageous brokerage fees. You could drive down there, send it out, and pick it up. Avoid brokerage costs that way - and alot cheaper to ship (in country).
  5. Same here - great for getting a hold of several people quickly without having to bother them with phone calls, and less time consuming than email.
  6. One of the girls in our crew, when asked to try it for the first time, double knotted it. She appearantly has a reputation for being quite accomplished at the 'proper' application of those skills. She should be out at the Pitt for her 2nd tandem this Sunday. I accept Visa, Mastercard, but not AMEX. Cash too - but only Canadian, US $ aren't worth much anymore.
  7. Darn right, had a pair of those Teva things for 3 months only to have the entire sole split right where the ball of my foot met the accelerator on the car. The guy at REI said it happened alot and pointed me to the the Chac's, 4 years later I managed to walk the soles off them, otherwise, perfect.
  8. I am just going to hypothesize - but likely a diagonal cut into/across the torso - which causes them to bleed out relatively quickly - either that or a stab wound. The former (kesa giri) was found to be one of the most prolific types of wounds on victims after the Satsuma rebellion in Japan - why is that interesting, the more popular koryu forms of sword arts taught at that time did not rely heavily on kesa giri. In otherwords, when training collapsed, people would start hacking in a diagonal fashion towards the head and shoulder area. I would supect most people (especially the untrained) would continue to do the same today. BTW - cutting through flesh, let along limbs with a blade is a tricky affair to begin with - if the hasu-ji (blade angle) is not perfect, the blade will likely be bent to the point of being unusable until repaired, after the first cut.
  9. Dunno how long they will have the video up - but give it a gander:
  10. They're finger printing citizens of exempt countries as well - on the way through INS in Vegas, the officer for my line was making everyone not a US citizen press the finger to the pad and smile for the web cam - including us passport carrying Canucks. Other officers were not.
  11. Too much snow. I guess it's a good thing the Canuck football season has ended a while ago.
  12. Well, off to the pub to watch this play out - so the updates must come to a close - does TSN have a semi live feed?