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  1. Actually I think I'm lost in reality... and craving tequila shots!
  2. I got my pilots license back in April of 1995. I trained at the Flying W in Lumberton, NJ. I owned a Piper Arrow for about a year and had about 200 hours before I lost interest. I even started my instrument training at one point but just didn't have the motivation to jump through all the hoops. I made two more flights back in 1999 to get current again, and haven't flown since. I started jumping with my first tandem back in March of this year and was instantly hooked. Now I spend most of my free time jumping, thinking about jumping, or talking about jumping. I may get back into flying again some day, but right now I much prefer jumping out of them, although I will admit sometimes on the ride up I look toward the cockpit and miss being in the left seat. I can say the pilot training helped immensely with some of the fundamental concepts of canopy flight, particularly the notion of flying a standard pattern approach for landing. Of course the big difference under canopy is that you can't add power when you realize you're dropping below the glidescope.
  3. During a recent trip to Las Vegas I decided to make the trek north to get my freefall fix. The people are warm and friendly and Brad was awesome! He showed me the aerial photo, described the pattern, and had many helpful tips for a right on landing. The view from altitude is amazing, and the golf course next door makes it fun gliding in over the whuffo golfers on the base leg! Back on the ground I even got friendly packing assistance from one of the DZ regulars. You won't find all the facilities common at some of the larger DZ's, but if you enjoy jumping with friendly people who are passionate about skydiving, be sure to make the short drive to Mesquite if you're ever in the area!