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Gear Reviews posted by matt3sa

  1. Lot's of fun. Actually would have rated it a 4.8 if PD's service wasn't so spectacular. Called and got the demo instantly. Had it within two days. Put nine jumps on it the first weekend. Then got weathered out on the following. Now keeping it for another week (thank you PD). Was flying a Cobalt 135 around 1.6 all season. First jump (after the most discraceful pack job) and it opens so soft and on heading. Very rigid in the air. Listening to the sound of the speed changes after dives was very informative. The recovery arc was excellent (very long and predictable). Still flies like an eliptical. Turns are quite responsive. Comparable to a stiletto with a faster glide, longer recovery arc and significantly less riser pressure. Front riser pressure is about the same as my Cobalt, maybe slightly stiffer. Rear risers are EXCELLENT. Very predictable due to light pressure. Really "cushy" and forgiving if you're already familiar with rear risers landings. Long swoops nice shut down. According to forums, the best WL is between 2.0 and 2.5, based on either speed or swoop distance. Looking forward to trying something within that range next season.

  2. Just picked up a Cobalt 135 DOM 2001. This thing is unreal. My last two canopies were a Stiletto and a Crossfire 1. This thing out performs both of them. No contest. Cobalt is extremely easy to dive and keep in a dive (espectially when using harness input). Faster turns than the Stiletto with minimal oversteer. The flare is so predictable and it likes to gain and maintain speed even after you plain out. Nice canopy. I'll be an Atair customer for a while.

  3. Tried out the Vision 149. Have previously been jumping PD. I thouroughly enjoyed the Stiletto. The Vision flies great. It's smooth, predictable and responsive while up high. What I didn't like the most was the swoop and glide. Right when I found the "sweet spot" on my flare, the canopy would only glide for a split second or two and then just drop. Not much shut down either.