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  1. Ah some good info in that article.. Thanks :-)Quote
  2. Ive just recieven my new canopy (spectre 170) and it has hard links attached to the lines. Ive not had hard links since using student kit and was just wandering what the pros and cons are or both types of link? Do i go hard or soft?
  3. Definatly a scam! This ad is also being discussed on a UK Facebook group. So far the "seller" has sent two different descriptions of the kit when asked for more info by two different people! Worrying as people are bidding.. Ive tried contacting ebay to allert them and try and get the ad removed but its still active
  4. Thankyou everyone for your input. I have decided, probably for sentimental reasons, to stick with a Spectre. Im now in the process of getting the cash together for one thats on offer. On another note.. As ive now sold my 190 (someone made me an offer i couldnt refuse) im now canopyless.. Someone has offered me a PD170 for free!! I plan to use this until i get the spectre sorted.. Any thoughts / commments re the PD?
  5. I found a chart on the last few pages of the PD reserve owners manual. The chart showed a difference of some 30 c/in (optimum being smaller) But yea, ive also heard from various riggers that there is not much in it. I was only asking bacause i have a Javelin J1KL container with a PD143 reserve. Sunpath say it is designed for a 143 - 150 reserve but will easily take the Optimum 160 because of the low pack volume. I have an old rig with a PD160r in it.. So wanted to see what the difference was...
  6. Im looking for reviews from people who have experienced both the Silhouette and the Spectre for a comparison. I currently jump a Spectre 190. I have 300 jumps on it (485 jumps total) and am loading it at a little over 1:14. I am looking at downsizing to a 170 and had my heart set on another spectre.. But someone has offered me a Silhouette 170 (which i will be loading at just under 1:3) Just wandering, from experience, what the main differences in characteristics will be.. Thanks in advance :-)
  7. Can someone post a link to the most recent chart please.. I want to compare volumes of a PD160 to an Optimum 160.. Ta
  8. Me to.. Offered to send me a cheque for my canopy im selling here. Seems odd because as a test, suspecting a scam, i quoted well over the odds for shipping and was willing to pay.
  9. Get your (unofficial) UKSL T-shirt and help raise money for Help For Heroes. I am trying to raise a target of £100 for H4H which means having to sell 100 shirts and hoodies. If you are attending the UKSL this year then why not show your support... cos you can never have to many skydiving t-shirts right? There are 3 styles - Mens T-shirt, Womens T-Shirt and a unisex hoodie! Shirts will cost £24 and the Hoodie £35. I will be placing a bulk order at the end of the week to garantee delivery before the first UKSL meet at Nethers. Payment will be needed by this Thursday if you want one and it will be ready for you to collect from me on the Friday evening at Nethers. To order one, PM me with what you want, size quantity etc and I will reply with my bank details for a bank transfer. Pics of the shirts will be uploaded asap.. Thanks for looking, Chris
  10. Your gonna be greatly missed back across the pond at Dunkeswell mate. I still remember the first time I met you.. I rocked up at Dunkeswell to do RAPS only to find a 12 year old Gary packing!.. mate skydiving and BASE was in your blood. The grin on your face after your first jump was the same size as the grin on your face after 7000 plus jumps! Thoughts and wishes to all your friends and family muppet. Blues