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  1. i jump a radical 95. it is a great canopy with good opening, good for wingsuiting and for swooping. compared to my velo84 dive about 1/3 less. However in my opinion is better than a katana, but i have maybe 10 jumps on a katana 105 and about 700 on a radical 95
  2. Thanks for sharing with me your experience, specially thanks to Beachbum. How many jumps did you make till now, Beachbum? anyway l found the doc who is responsible for medical conditions of pilot and he is also pulmonary. lt should past 6 months after surgery to see my "perfect healty" :) Till now l dont have any problems and also any jumps but l do a lot of sports ... of course, l have a plenty of free time... so l will keep you inform when l will start or wont start blue sky, mojca
  3. @wmw999: l read this discussion on pneumothorax question before asking this. What l really want to find out is connection between pnth. and skydiving. All doc in hospital are completely convinced that change in pressure help to cause or even cause a pnth and that is my fault what happening to me because Im skydiver. And that is really stupid. lm asking for those who have it if you are still skydiving from full altitude? l believe l will make a hop and pops jumps some days, but lm not sure for full altitude Thank you again!
  4. Hey, lm jumping for 2 years and make successful 210 jumps when suddenly (also for my birthday) get spontaneous pneumothorax A collapsed lungs requiered a chest tube for a few days and docs said that its the best to forget and live normaly life on, but no jumping for a few months. Before l manage to forget it, it happened again, 5 weeks later (after New Year), it collapsed again on the same - left side of lung. They decided for surgery only left side although CT scan show a blebs on the both side of lungs. Its called pulmonary emphysema - little blebs on lungs. l went home after 11 days in hospital and of course, my doc completly forbid me to skydive ever and all extreme sports, but l cant agree with him. So the big question for me should l really say no due to the possibilities that can spontaneous happened again? Its almost impossible. Ive just start to freefly with my friend, try a wingsuit ... and skydiving is the best thing in my life right now l really need more opinion, experience of skydivers, expert, more knowledge in connection skydiving and pneumothorax. And another big question - should l jump only hop and pops? Our full altitude is 4500 meters and there is a change of pressure. Is it a big chance to cause it again? lm know lm asking too much but l will be thankful for any suggestion that will help me to come to conclusion about skydiving. Thank you!!! Blue sky! P.s: Matej is my boyfriend who always sign in on this forum
  5. this is my camera helmet (PC-8, eos 300d)