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  1. +1. Tiny niche my A$$. 250+ orders in 3 days. Get busy. I want mine asap
  2. my order is in. hope it is as good as we all want it to be.
  3. +1. I will be in at 300 (or maybe twice that - heck they say it can be done in time for a Christmas present), but they can also take $75000 from the first 250 suckers and be gone... Why doesn't ParaGear step in and order 150?
  4. Jeb, Not to be a naysayer and thinking very much about joining the mass order, but what will be the difference between their of-the-shelf ski goggles and "Jeb Deluxe" version? again, it is to make an educated decision on blowing $300 And if there is not much difference and the 250 orders don't come in - what precludes us from using the "generic" model? Thanks!
  5. Here is a treat from my twin brother (also a physician) who thinks CPR is a good Idea. And this video officially is in my top 3! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILxjxfB4zNk Someone please make clicky! or tell me how
  6. Well, I got some interest over PMs regarding this issue, so I'll give my opinion, bearing in mind that they are plentiful at DZ.com. As to the source where different individuals get these "DNR" ideas, I'll tell you in detail: I don't know. I can only guess that the idea is: blunt force = ruptured big blood vessels in the chest = CPR will only bleed the victim out faster = No CPR. However, in this particular case doing CPR is NO WORSE than staring at them and doing nothing. Why don't OP enlighten us about pathophysiology of blunt force trauma? ... On the second thought, Let's not. As far as American Heart Association goes - unresponsive people deserve CPR until they regain consciousness and care is escalated to get EMT, ambulance etc. One caveat - unresponsive guy on the couch Sunday morning in the hangar is not a CPR candidate, but rather need an "intervention" of the AA kind. One cannot judge from the outside +/- mechanism of injury if a victim can be resuscitated or not, but there aren't much alternatives. The newest AHA algorithms are simpler - not responsive and no spontaneous respiration - CPR. Once they wake up (ROSC - return of spontaneous circulation, evidenced by breathing, moving and/or swearing) they can be graduated to post-resuscitation care. A word for people who had CPR class more than 4 yrs ago - the new guidelines allow for chest compression-only CPR if the provider is unable or unwilling to give rescue breaths. This was done because the lungs of the victim are usually full of oxygen that needs to be circulated with aid of compressions (unless it is a suffocation/drowning). Also, compression-only CPR is better than no CPR because bystander is too afraid to give rescue breaths. Additionally, uninterrupted chest compressions are shown superior because it takes several cycles of CPR to develop adequate pressure/blood flow and all this ground is lost with the smallest interruption in compressions. The compression rate is 100/min, with a useful memorization device being songs "another one bites the dust", or for the folks that jumped Capwells "staying alive" by Bee Gees. Please refrain from humming either during CPR, though Do not interrupt CPR for pulse checks as it wastes time. If DZ has an AED-defibrillator - use it. Some units can give cadence for CPR and feedback on compressions as well as possibly treat arrhythmia by shock. Call for help - soon. In my resuscitative effort at a boogie, someone was on the phone immediately to get help. Be aware of possible neck/back injury. Do not move the victim to take the rig/suit off unless absolutely necessary for CPR. Fear that EMTs will cut the rig/suit does not qualify, sorry. I wouldn't write this, but my own experience shows this is a prevalent issue. Finally, next safety day - have DZO organize a BLS class. Invite an EMT or ACLS instructor. Figure out what will be the course of action if something happen. I hope to never be in a situation where anyone I fly with needs my professional help. But those around me can count on this help being there if need be. How about you? Please ask questions, come by Skydive Monroe to chat, etc. D-31171
  7. as an MD anesthesiologist, ACLS instructor and a member of the team that saved 1 skydiver in the field I wanted to say: You sir are an idiot. To anyone else who is interested in learning rescusitation - let me know and I'll be happy to call, email, post whatever. Please do not pay attention to this guy. Thanks One thing you can remember: you cannot hurt anyone by doing CPR. Do it!
  8. Dude, congrats on starting AFF! I had a long ponytail - nothing like your dreads and stuffing it in the back of the jumpsuit worked OK. You can also put a $hitload or rubber bands on the dredas and leave it be. Never had my hair entangled, but if I did - it probably would leave a bald patch and release main - the strength of hair would not equal to the drag of a mal, most likely. Also, on motorcycle I used a HairGlove(TM) - a leather piece that wraps around the ponytail, or in your case the bunch of dreads, and keeps it in a tight leather sheath. PM me if you need pics, but any biker shop might have those (of course, they might not let you in with your hair-do) P.S. had to cut my hair off d/t need to advance professionally (I know, I'm a heretic and should be burned) and it is a lot easier to manage... but not as cool. Good luck, blue skies!
  9. Greetings to all! I am new in MN area and was relying on my rigger from out of state, but this is more pain than I anticipated. Can someone provide accurate repacks and be located closer to Rochester Minnesota? Thanks and blue skies!
  10. Hey, Chris! Didn't you "loosen" your harness fit on that reserve opening? I thought after that one it did fit looser permanently Ryan, Congrats on container! First, have someone knowledgeable at DZ look at it. Then measure yourself per RWs order chart and compare to web size - a call to UPT (RWS) may do well here. If all else fails - those can be resized quite reasonably. Peace! Igor
  11. Hey, Ryan! I don't know if you remember, but I went to Cobalt 150 before leaving Indiana - one season down the road I stil love it a lot. Very easy to transition from sabre 170, and I had my brother flew it last summer just fine right after Sabre170. I like openings, great flare and very good responsive control. and don't forget - the only thing you can get at PD for the price of cobalt is their reserve, so for my money I'll take the cobalt - I got a deal on a used one that I'll keep until it's time to go smaller. PD does have great customer support, etc, but I am still I the "new-to-me" market bracket. Why buy a stiletto with hundreds of jumps when you can get a barely used cobalt for the same price? Once you ready for 150 - come over and fly mine, I'll make you a believer.
  12. OK, maybe I am weird, but I like jumping with someone who I can teach something. It feels good and makes me think I do something to propagate this sport. Where do you jump? If you are in Wisconsin, once snow is gone, I'll jump with you. I know I would've learned zip if guys with hundreds-to-thousands of jumps didn't step up. Keep trying! Congrats on A lic!
  13. I am from Kiev, former USSR. Started jumping at East Troy last year - Look me up once season starts. Igor P.S. it's not "damn russkies", the propper term is "pinko-commy-bastard"
  14. How about Supertack (TM)? Do you really have to neatly zig zag the leg pad on a $ xxxx.99 machine or can one tack it in place by hand - takes 1 minute per side. As for webbing damage - look at your rig - likely cable housings and other small stuff is supertacked to the lift web without loss of integrity. Any Master Rigger opinion?
  15. Yes, but there are other caveats: 1. line is not bad, so if canopy is supposed to behave like this and brakes are not to blame then why would I replace a good line? 2. once the brake drag, if indeed it was the culprit, is gone I could use several new sizes of extenders to dial flare/flight characteristics to my liking 3. canopy flies straight, so by extending both lines with extenders of the same size it should continue to do so. If I hand tie brake lines, then retie them 2 inches lower, then again 1 inch lower ... I run a bigger chance needing eventually to flare cock-eyed to counteract the built-in turn I have created. so, is there a problem in trying this approach? Thanks!
  16. If it is only 0.5'' of water of pressure - you can make a pressure regulator from a glass jar or a Coke bottle (yes in this case Coke and Pepsy are treated the same). These regulators are used in medicine for chest tube vacuum aplication. Basically you take a half-full container (or is it half-empty?) with 3 holes in lid: 1- to canopy 2-to source of vacuum with greater power than what you'll need. The ports 1 and 2 need not protrude from the lid too much - few mm will do In 3rd port you put a tube that is open to atmosphere and by submerging the tube below the water surface you create a pressure regulating device that adjusts to your needs - keep the end at 1/2 inch below and you get EXACTLY 1/2 inch of water pressure The attachment to fabric is out of my realm of expertise. If you need a picture - I could probably muster something later, so let me know...
  17. So, I have a question for DIY folks here: When I do a front riser turn, my canopy buffets and there is a small deflection of the rear part of the canopy (aka the "aileron"). I think brake lines are too short for my set up and I wanted to experiment with lengthening them, but the lines come pre-configured from factory with toggle loops bar tacked. So, once I dial the proper length I would to replace the lower steering line, but for the dialing process I wanted to make several extenders from microline by fingertrapping and tacking 2 loops at each end of a line. This way I can tie a larks head to existing line and try to add several different lengths and evaluate turn, flare etc. The strength of this connection is same as in the cascades - so I know it works. The only potential drawback I see is some friction when brake line loop goes through the ring on the riser, but this again is a temporary issue. Let me know your thoughts and sorry for a wordy post...