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  1. the only thing you could teach me is trolling in the internet but no, I don't need mastering the doubtful art and I'm not going to compete with you in the field
  2. Did he do his master's degree here - http://www.ntnu.no/english?
  3. yes, looks like a new sub-discipline - canyon flying
  4. yes, sure - they fly fighter jets over the city but skydivers are too dangerous...
  5. Can someone suggest me dropzones situated closest to Paris and Lyon in France? Haven't found what I needed in corresponding section on the web site. So I'll be thankful for any information about the places...
  6. Manfred von Richthofen would love it!
  7. to distract peope from holy wars over ws records and make them smile
  8. perverts... and that's why I love the community
  9. looks like Val deployed very low, too. how was his landing? it's a bit strange - snow was what made judging the altitude difficult. but on the other hand, snow was what maybe helped you to survive. heal fast and I personally hope to see many more cool vids with your great flights and much better landings
  10. better start paragliding - some disciplines of the sport are about as exciting as wingsuit flying but it is much cheaper than skydiving of course, if you live close to mountains and a lake/sea - otherwise you'll need lots of money for traveling
  11. looks like I don't jump this season (but I'll be back next one!), so the list now looks like this: 1. Benedikt 2. Costyn 3. Jarno 4. Tobi 5. Helmut 6. Guido 7. Regine 8.Lucky 9.Danni 10. Tony 11. Hans