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  1. Hagen

    SKYJESTER`S Wings Over Marl 2009

    1. Deniq 2. Hagen
  2. Hagen

    Interview with Robert Pecnik on WWWN

    will you interview Jari Kuosma?
  3. Hagen

    Flock South Video

  4. Hagen

    What happened?

    one of the people you mentioned has to show the public a new video nearest days
  5. just in case - Skydive Spain has something organized
  6. Hagen

    First Flight

    congrats! so did I last week - 5 first ws jumps, too, and smile all the time
  7. Hagen

    Empuria Brava (Januari)

    I don't think that I'll be able to play with you, guys, but at the moment I'm thinking about going there somewhere around my birthday that is January, 27th
  8. Hagen

    Ukrainian DZs

    as far as I know, there's only one DZ near Lviv, and I think I can find its coordinates for you... but the problem is that Ukrainian dropzones usually do not work at winter time, even the biggest ones near Kiev. the main point is that not many people want to jump in cold weather. however, last winter it was possible to jump near (my native:)) Dnepropetrovsk - on the wonderful DZ Mayskoye, that looks and feels as if it's somewhere in Switzerland:). I mean it - it you visit Ukraine currently, you MUST see it:). anyway, I'll find you some contact from Lviv, and you'll be able to if your wish to jump there come true or not...