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  1. STEVE, I miss you brutha. Thanks for the great times, the funny conversation, and the pleasant company at our group dinners last week. But most of all, thanks for all the great flocks. It was my privilege to follow your purple and green wingsuit to the formation on every jump. You were there for me everytime. We will flock together again some day. "Black Raptor"
  2. Thanks for your help last week. It was greatly appreciated by all. Thank you very much. Brian. "Black Raptor"
  3. ELI, Thanks for flying with us at Summerfest '09. It was our privilege to have you with us. I barely met you, yet you were so humble and friendly. I'm so sad to hear this news. I'm very sorry and my heart goes out to your family, your teammates, and all your friends. I met you once, ......but I miss you man! "Black Raptor"
  4. Just executed my boss, so I'll be there tomorrow. Just jokin', ............bout the execution part. 1. Purple Mike 2. Michal M 3. Obama 4. J-Sho 5. Andreea 6. Dan M -- no handlebars 7. Stu 8. Scott Gray 9. Chris Gray 10. MonkeyBoy 11. Taya 12. "One Ball" Rick 13. "responsible" Phil Peggs 14. Mark K. 15. "irresponsible" one and a half ball "Stoney" 16. Lurch "Most stylish debris cloud in history" 17-20. The CPI Regulars (Mark K apparently doesn't count) 21. Teh Skwrl. 22. Tony Uragallo 23. Simon 24. Steve H. 25. Kyle O 26. Soby 27. Paul Cain 28. Elana Cain 29. Veg Regg 30. Dave Patty 31. Ralph(Great White North) 32. Martin Camenietzki 33. BRIAN BARNHART Sat Morn. "Black Raptor"
  5. 1. Tero Paukku 2. Kyle O 3. Purple Mike 4. Juho Korjus 5. Marko Mäkelä 6. Scott Gray 7. Brian Barnhart 8. Elena Caine 9. Paul Caine "Black Raptor"
  6. WOW! Thanks MATT. This is great. R.I.P. ROB. Thanks for all you've done so we can enjoy this amazing experience. WING-SUITING. "Black Raptor"
  7. I'M VERY VERY SORRY TO HEAR THIS CATHY! This is too sadening. "Black Raptor"
  8. WOW, very very nice MATT. Simply, thats BAD ASS! Thanks MATT Brian "Black Raptor"
  9. Yea SCOTT, looks even better comin from the forum, and of course the guys at work are freakin on it... Thanks man Brian "Black Raptor"
  10. Hey Scott, i would love to be there. suffolk is my back yard. OK 2hous away but still. I'll be at F&D that weekend, i wish we could spread these events out so we can hit several, most or even all the events through the summer. We have a small but solid flock in VA and Im sure all of us would really like to be going. P&E, and C Gray could possibly be attending. Dont think there going to F&D. I guess I'll have to catch ya on the flip again. Later Bud BRIAN "Black Raptor"
  11. Are you talkin about at the record in Elsinore when you (Scotty) got hosed on an early climb out. Then we did a full go around. Was probably longer than 2 min. How longs a go-around. "Black Raptor"
  12. #1. Yuri - going to enjoy turbulence-free flights while all air-disturbing L/D=0.5 f**ckers are a thousand miles away. 001. Scotty Burns 111. Matt Hoover 3. Andreea (Supergirl) 4. Jarno 'Mc' Cordia 5. Robert Pecnik (maybe:) 6. Justin Shorb (Jsho fo sho. 2020) oh and flock U 7. Matt Shroyer 8. Scott Bland (notsane) 9. me (badenhop) 10. Rick (dzjnky) oh, and flock U fo sho 11. Marion Mobley (fmmobley 12. Michelle (EmLo) 13. Todd (DaMan) 14. Scott Gray (The Brothers Gray) 15. Paul Cain 16. Elana Cain 17. Brian Barnhart (did I make in time?) "Black Raptor"