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Gear Reviews posted by Stumpy

  1. I have somewhere over 200 jumps on 2 sizes, the 168 and 150. All in all i love this canopy. I demoed it, the sabre 2 and the safire 2. I preferred the opening and the flight on the pilot by miles, the openings on the sabre were terrible by comparison (safire pretty similar)
    I think the sabre lands very slightly better and has a slightly longer recovery arc, however this wasn't enough to even make it figure in my choices in the end, everything else about the pilot is so superior.
    The only thing that took a bit of getting used to was the slightly different flare stroke on the pilot, and PD owners who have borrowed mine say the brakelines are too long, but they are not, you just need to finish the flare!

    Would recommend the pilot time and time again.