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  1. SlackBeef


    I haven't gotten any of the software yet. Though when I return and get back to jumping I would like to know total distance traveled each jump. Are there other ways to determine distance traveled? GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  2. SlackBeef


    Looks like Flyisght has been reccommended. Haven't wanted to know before now. I want to know as much data as I can after each jump. I own a Phantom3 and a V4 now. I also already own a Neptune and according to the website any paralogger will do. Looking at the website the software looks complicated, unless that's just me. I am sure it isn't complicated at all. GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  3. SlackBeef


    What would be the best GPS to get to track info while flying? Things like distance traveled, angle flown stuff like that. I am looking to buy a GPS for this purpose, just don't know which one would be the right one? GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  4. What software are you using to log your jumps? GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  5. Have you ever flown a heli? They're alot different than a fixed wing. Might want to make sure that heli is completely airworthy before attempting to fly it. I don't trust craigslist ads. lol. GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  6. Are those wooden blades? Carbon Fiber is much better, and 2.4 rather than FM. Looks like it is set up for FM. All helis crash eventually but scalies should last longer since hard 3D or flying isn't usually done. I own 2. A Trex450 Pro and a Trex600 Pro. Both Electric. The 600 I am turning into a Scale bird, the AS350. I am putting the 3 blade head on it as well. That one will eventually crash as well, but not for a long time. Hopefully. lol. How long did it take you to build that bird? GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  7. The DZ idea I have thought of. Won't make any money that way but it would be something I would love to do. I just don't have that much money to get one started. lol. I would prefer to have private land to operate/own one off of. Wouldn't want to be on an airport. GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  8. Punctuation.. naaaah who needs that! Haha. My punctuation isn't that good at all. Already know this. Alot of good advice on here. I will have to look into alot of these. GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  9. Just recently came to me that I should invest. I just don't know what to invest in. Did little research on CDs and found that those are just not worth it, such little return for long periods of time. Looks more like something you would do for your children if you had any. So now I am asking any and all of you who see this thread what would be some good investment opportunities or things you have experienced in the past/present? GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  10. If your talking about what I think your talking about, I pack this way all the time. No videos of it though. It is the easiest way to get anything in the bag, especially brand new canopies. I pack my velo, and any other canopy, this way. Then again I found many ways to pack since what I started out I was a packer. GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  11. Go to and ask your specific questions regarding your selection there. They're a very friendly and open group...I'm SURE they will tell you where to go! Now your just setting him up for failure! lol. GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  12. skydiving - Skydiving involves jumping from an airplane at altitudes typically ranging from 12,000 feet to 14,000 feet…freefalling for about a minute, then deploying a parachute at typically 3,500 feet…and flying the parachute to a designated landing area. Skydiving has become safer in recent years due to a device that will deploy a parachute automatically at a certain altitude for you if you cannot. Skydiving is an extremely fun sport that is challenging and is best suited for the fast thinking, mature, and open minded individual that enjoys doing things with other people. Skydivers are some of the most fun loving people you will ever meet and very few of them are “crazy”. This sport is often called "crazy" by individuals who are not open minded, live vicariously, or simply do not have the balls to try it. I liked this definition. Haha GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  13. There are many explanations for the word skydive(r) on the urban dictionary site. This definition I thought was interesting, Sky Diving Donkey - When a cruel owner of a donkey buys an airplane duct taped the donkey to the bottom of it, fly's the plane over a open field. the owner jumps out of the airplane and surprisingly grabs the donkey. the owner rips the donkeys hide off and makes it into a parachute all in mid air! very hard, but possible. safely the donkey lands on the ground but has to go through a series of mental therapy before attempting again. I saw this definition and thought it to be pretty hilarious. Then again I don't have much else to do with my time currently and seem to find many things funny. Some of the other definitions I thought might be a bit inappropriate to copy and paste, but for those of you who want to see it here is the link: GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  14. If we can all somehow raise money to build this wind tunnel would be something! It costs alot to build one. *Brainstorming ways to raise money* lol GO BIG OR GO HOME!
  15. I am currently out of the country and playing in the desert. So I can claim no home DZ at the moment. :( lol, worse thing about it is there are 2 antennas on the FOB I am on and they can not be jumped! GO BIG OR GO HOME!