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  1. It was a used suit purchased from a person not a manufacturer. When I spoke with the guy on the phone before I sent him money I asked that in the event I was not happy with the fit I could return it less shipping costs and he agreed. That is normal way a person would handle buying from the internet I think. I have never experienced this kind of problem from one of our own before. Can I do the state Attorney General's consumer fraud division even if the seller is in another state? ( Do I file in my state or his?)
  2. Earlier in the year I purchased a wingsuit off the classifieds here and it did not fit me and I was not psyched. I sent the suit back to the seller and asked for a refund. It has been over 2 months and I still have not gotten my money returned to me. I contact the seller quite a few times a week and get responses like: I sent it out it must be lost in the mail, I am changing banks, etc... My question is what would you guys do? I am out quite a bit of money and find it hard that a skydiver would screw over another skydiver.
  3. Blue moons aren't that rare they happen at least once a year. We will experience a blue moon this month in fact. I believe the sedcond full moon is on the 30th or the 31st.
  4. There is the same ad in every category in the classified section. It is kind of annoying. As best I can tell from the guide lines it is not allowed: 2) List your ad to a single category only Please pick the most appropriate category and list your ad in that. Any multiple posts will be removed - all of them, not only the duplicate. Ads that are in the wrong category may be moved or removed. No SPAM will be allowed.
  5. I'm boycotting the poker games until they put out another show. It's been like 2 months for christ sakes.
  6. True the DZ has nice aircraft but they don't utilize it. The management sucks, by the time they get around to putting another plane in the air, everyone left because they where tired of waiting for 2 hours for a load. Also it's hard to get new people to jump together unless you have hundreds of jumps or free fly really well. Basically it is on overpriced tandem factory. Jump tickets are now $27 and you are lucky if you get 12,000. I know gas price is through the roof, but that is just highway robbery.
  7. More like "Alpine Day Wreakers." You are going to be MUCH happier spending a few extra dollars to rent real Alpine Touring equipment. Regular alpine boots don't allow you to hike well at all. AT boots allow the cuff to hinge further and allow for a much longer step, which at the end of a day adds up. With AT gear you can take off your skins without removing the skis. With the Alpine Trekkers you have to step out of the ski which could mean you post hole to your waist. As if that wasn't enough proper AT gear is way lighter which equates to less energy every step and more distance traveled and more skiing. As an avid backcountry skier I wouldn't go out with someone using those because they totally suck and I don't want to waste my time waiting for them to put all that stuff together then take it apart each run.
  8. 0:10:1 beer owed for a 2-way hop & pop that turned 2 points.
  9. ian3060


    They have quite a few albums out and put on really good live shows. I highly suggest some of their earlier stuff. Their newest album Black Holes and Revelations is fantastic.
  10. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this or not. I was wondering what the size limit is for outgoing e-mail attachments. I did a forum search but couldn't find a numerical answer other than it has been increased. Also I checked mail FAQ's but got a 404 error. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. A Rubix cube party. Everyone wears as many different color clothes as possible and you try to end the night as one solid color. It gets everyone to meet everyone, plus people are taking clothes off.
  12. ian3060

    What Tent?

    you should check this tent out its freakin sweet. it has almost as much gear storage as living space. plus it will last decades they're super durable. http://imagescommerce.bcentral.com/merchantfiles/4471833/Nallogt1.jpg
  13. any man made chemical that suggests not to consume alcohol that should be the first thing you do
  14. you should name it flipper because it's not a fish and doesnt have flippers
  15. ian3060


    what would you classify a jump off of a crane?