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  1. sounds pretty obvious to me that it was a setup using stolen card numbers to buy gear. Can't say I haven't seen that exact plot play out a few times before with non skydiving gear. Now they have a $4000 rig that they can sell for half price and still have $2000 more than when they started.
  2. Welcome to a fellow Iraq veteran jumper..
  3. I love Skydance. That's my recomendation. Lodi is another big one in the region but i have not been there myself yet.
  4. Make sure the leg strap pads are positioned right and under canopy position yourself comfortably as if sitting in a chair, i actually cross my legs most of the time. Wont solve all your issues but the soreness does tend to stop after a while. I got it the first few weeks i jumped.
  5. Thanks for all the great replies folks. I have been having people show me what they are doing when they pack and combined with the FAA book and the step by step guide contained in it as well as the videos I have been watching i think this should be no problem to get down. Being a military guy, I work really well with processes and checklists and the thing I am seeing is that the process is pretty much the same everywhere. I happen to be planning on camping at the DZ overnight the night before my class so i suppose that would be as good a time as any to get to know the packers a little better. Thanks again for the awesome replies!!!
  6. So I am preparing for a packing class to continue advancing in my competency and for A-license sign offs. I always like to learn as much as I can in advance of courses so that I can get the most out of the teaching rather than trying to play catch up as i learn a slew of new information. Right now I am trying to get a really good grasp on all of the different components that make up an entire rig. I have looked around a decent amount and find bits of info here and there. What i am hoping someone can point me towards is a resource that in detail fully breaks down an entire container and harness systems into an easy to look at exploded view of all of the components with descriptions as well as all of the components of the canopy and lines. There are a lot of different things i am still learning, like the differences between Slinks and hard links, differences in riser length, etc. This is obviously a n00b question so be gentle and help a guy out.
  7. from another n00b. It doesnt get any cheaper man. If you don't think you can afford it then you are probably right. Once you finish the expensive instructor and coach jumps required for A licnese you think it gets cheaper but then you start wanting your own gear and the trade off begins. Not to mention beer...
  8. sounds to me ike you need to find a better dropzone and some better people to be around. Solo bellies can get a little tired after a while. you should find someone to go do some 2 way fun jumps with. My instructor is amazing and we have become friends now and she has show me some of the more fun sides of the sport already. Hate to see a fellow brother get too disgruntled to continue. Look at is as if it were a change of command. New leadership typically resulted in a new atmosphere in the command. Go find yourself a new CO and a new command.
  9. it took me a few jumps before i became relaxed enough to fully soak in everything that was occuring. Sensory overload is a very good description in my opinion. I hope they are not too hard on you but just look at their criticism as a sign that they want you to do better. Take every jump you do and roll through it in your head and with your instructor during the week and then make the adjustments you need that weekend. It does get better. Always remember that no matter what you think you know there is always someone that has been there done that. This is a pretty good place for advice but making friends with instructors and other DZ regulars really opens up your chances for good advice.
  10. Thanks!! great advice. I will get with my rigger this weekend and have him measure me so i can have more info to work with. He has a decent container that holds the canopies i want to fly for now but it is rigged for a much smaller person and wont fit me currently. Maybe i can get a sweet deal on it and just have the harness redone.
  11. thanks for the replies so far. From what ive seen of used containers, most that are close to fitting me are at around $1k + or - a few hundred. I can get a brand new wings for about 1800 or a new infinity for 2k. I am still very much open to buying used gear. I will continue my search for now. Thanks again!!
  12. I am interested in getting some ideas as far as numbers go for man hours and or possible labor averages. I am in the market for a used container or rig right now and I am running into what must be a common problem of trying to find a container that will hold the canopy i want and also have a harness that roughly fits me. I am 6'1" and 180. I have found several containers that will hold either a 210 which is what im currently flying or a 190 which in a few months i could likely downsize to. What im interested in is what it would cost to have the harness and leg straps re-done and fitted to me? I'm to the point that im starting to just consider buying a brand new container thats already fitted to me and then just going with used canopies. advice?
  13. Lithium batteries of that size are fairly safe and stable. The electronics modules can be very easily sealed with a conformal coating to not only waterproof them but also protect against temperature variations. Small temp changes like going to altitude and back repeatedly will not affect this unit from what i have seen. I work on aircraft avionics and the stress tests we perform on fragile stuff would tell me that this small of a unit will likely be fairly durable. I'd personally re-check the solder joints and the coat it. I think this is a pretty cool gadget. I also wish the service didn't require a signing up for things and also that it wasn't solely cellular based.
  14. Wrapped up AFF last weekend and am now doing solo jumps working on my final sign offs for my A-license. Getting over the student pricing for jumps has been a huge relief and really opened my options up to getting more jumps under my belt quickly. Nothing beats head down diving from the caravan and cannon balling through 4 revolutions only to open up belly down and stable. Love this sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!