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  1. Having made a few hundred skysurfs myself in the early to mid 90s through 2007, my opinion is it's just too difficult, which turns most jumpers off. Skysurfing is the most difficult of all disciplines. You have to be a very very good flyer on all axis. Wingsuiting by comparison, is very easy and does not take much experience to learn, 200 jumps and your wingsuiting, they are both very dangerous, however, it takes much more skill and experience to skysurf, yes there are exceptions, some are just natural flyers.
  2. Randy Melfi Skydive Miami has over 16,000 tandems
  3. This is bad. I'm so tired of the good one's getting bit. I jumped with Eric in the late 80's in California and Kansas. Sorry buddy, you were the goods.
  4. It sounds like you may have started your flare on time, but you finished too far down for the windconditions. When it's windy, you don't need a deep flare, that's what caused your feet to come out from under you. Stage the flare and try to keep the forward speed, or if you're coming straight down, don't flare so much that you back up.
  5. Hey Darth Balls. I have over 3000 tandems. One thing to remember is that students rarely do exactly what you tell them. You have to take control. If there is no wind, and I'm moving across the ground pretty fast, I always pick their feet up with my legs. Depending on their height or how far they are hanging down below you in the harness, I will either lift their legs by putting my feet under the knee or my knees under their knees.