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  1. Nice one thanks. I also had Spaceland in my head but wasn't sure if sure if it was still in effect. Guess SDH is the one fairly close to Austin/Round Rock area that I will be at. SDD will be also worth a visit it seems. I'll try both out! Thanks lads Nitro
  2. I will be based in Austin TX for 3 months starting April and wondering which are the happening dropzones around where I can take a break from work and do cool freefly activities. Every little helps - thanks Nitro
  3. Quote im not the only one who thinks its irresponsible in the extreeme what you guys are doing Quote whats that? skydiving?
  4. Killer is a the surf man. I get coaching from him and doubt there is anyone in UK who can fly better than him in the tunnel. Oh..and he takes bribes from ladies so ladies dont be scared to PM me for his number
  5. Hey yo dude! I always intend on visiting Langar...im coming for the next boogie..missed the last one as we were in Kolomna (Russia). Langar and Bullet Freefly rock!
  6. Quote -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .if you want a beast for birdman use your vx... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've used my VX for birdman and never had a problem. Quote And De Gayardon used a Stilleto for a BASE jump too. Guess you are good at what you do.
  7. QuoteI totally agree. Its defintely a beast. I think I will get one for my birdman canopy.Quote a beast for shuwa...if you want a beast for birdman use your vx... you think your bird man is better than mine? In that case i will avenge my brothers by representing and whippin yo ass dude are we going to BASE or what? Im tired of the waiting.
  8. Quote I would just like to say..... "Please Vote for Me!!"Quote Howzit china!? Are you sure we can vote for moffies? Dumi
  9. QuoteAll, Why was this stupid thread brought back to life, and what the hell is a Wanker? That is all. Spizzzarko Rules the World!!! Quote Thats coz it never died. It got hi-jacked by cyber terrorists.
  10. QuoteDude..or dudette..whatever. Good looking out. What i am saying is leave my profile be. Its funny how people behave sometimes. Take care. its wild out there. PM sent Quote Its dude. No worries. Your knowledge on canopy control seemed fairly )ok very) solid and you at least spoke your mind out (in an educative manner like i said before). Thanks for the PM. Your progression under canopy make for interesting reading...but i mean that in no particular way and its the last i ever discuss it. You still crack me up though.
  11. If i was you i would issuing some head butts and beatings right about now. I think your personal space has been breached by some witch-hunters. Guys im not patrolling this forum to witness KKK style tactics. Iv read his posts ... they are all educative and progressive...well in a way...definitely more so than any of you are showing.
  12. Zhills from when to when? Approx costs and how much action am i guaranteed? ps - i mean skydiving action
  13. You even bought a cypres and you didnt go!!!!????? Oh no oh no oh no. Yes you are right. Last year the prices were around 9 US and this year they were 12 or so. If the prices go up in england ...probably people would definitely stop jumping here (£18 already)
  14. Bastard!! Wait...give me one more month and Texel in two weeks. I hope i get it..im trying too hard without trying hard enough...if you know what i am saying. Z-Hills for Christmas!? Mmmmm...obviously i need to change jobs.