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  1. sub_terminal

    120' S

    an abandoned limestone quarry near mi casa has an 88ft shelf that has seen plenty of drunk carnage over the years. plenty of "county diver recoveries". personally jumped it once. my ankle hit me in the face and broke my nose pretty good. of course this was all with no nylon and 80' deep water below. that shit feels like concrete i swear.
  2. who the fuck is skin? is the season here? now that is TOP DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pm me about some activities in your area. i forget what you look like! mark
  3. yeah, i also put the video up on just about every ameteur submission site i could find! i think you made a few "all star" galleries! and i told you it was the only copy xoxoxooxoxxo mark
  4. what a cheap [email protected]*$ing bastard. seriously, what is the cost offset by making your own as opposed to buying from and supporting a major manufacturer? time, materials, etc.?????? not to mention the embarrasment when someone figures out where and who is flying the crap. probably can't fly worth a damm anyway. that is some funny stuff. what a loser. i bet you really can't wait to show off your new threads to others involved in the sport now
  5. two, you never finished your drawings of me! and i bought the [email protected]#ing beer! wtf?
  6. i am bored with the same lame topics. let's here some stories. favorite jump, recent jumping drama, lulls in excitement with the sport, etc. i want to hear the stories why people started jumping. i want to hear elder jumpers advice on how to get through times safely and happily as our motivations and desires in BASE change with our lives. i want to know why having a fucking 7 cell above my head has such a profound impact on how i look at the small day to day world. i want to know where we expect the sport progress in reguards to types of people who pursue the sport, as well as equiptment...etc. i hope you get the picture. i would like to read about how BASE fits into other peoples lives. i think it's a gift to be able to do what we do every time i leave and object. why do you? just looking for some entertainment, mark
  7. hi two, i miss you. instead of going to the games, why don't you come and stay with me. i have some games of my own i think you would be interested in. love you, mark
  8. muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!! be safe. mark
  9. i was wondering if anyone could tell me who the artist for the second song in the tracking section in Superterminal? Female vocals.....that one? thanks
  10. special appointments are necessary to speak with the "c.crew" these guys go harder than anyone in the country and have little time to talk between high profile, daytime jumps. don't look straight into the eyes, they are above you.
  11. multi pitch it. haul your shit. make sure you pack your bowl so it doesn't break on the haul. at the top, real simple. a couple of pilot chutes that are thrashed+haul bag+big toss off the edge. toss the soft goods. keep the pro on you(safely stowed), and get off before the sun goes down. climb base can be extremely fullfilling. physically and spiritually. especially while sending a worthy TRAD route. it's as pure as it gets. teamwork, desire, hard work, sticking to a plan, sharing a get up and off the object.