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  1. Anyone know if there is a DZ in Aruba??? I have looked and cant seem to find anything...
  2. we have free refreshers for an entire month...Skydive New England
  3. I am officially saying goodbye to my email address here at much spam!!!!
  4. the paramedics that we had onsite here were absolutely horrified...thank god for all the soft sand that we put in a couple of days earlier.
  5. Here is a picture of our new super otter. The thing screems. 16 minute turnaround times!!!
  6. Here is a picture of the new Super Otter...check out the paint job!!! Shiny!!!
  7. Had a bitchin time at SNE this weekend. Spankin New Otter that is screamin fast...16 minute turnaround times with mostly full loads....did a bunch of em was a bit windy on saturday, but we jumped all day today. $17 jumps all month long too...awesome!!!!
  8. The super otter is here and its our 20th year celebration. Come jump out of our newly renovated Super Otter with some cheap prices!!!
  9. Definately my favorite movie at the moment...watched it for about the 20th time this weekend. My life used to be exactly like that until I quit my job and started skydiving fulltime. I actually know people that have quit their job after watching this movie...Great!!!
  10. I guess it depends on who it is and what their skill level is...If they look like they are having problems or arent very experienced, I would land with them. If they look fine and I feel that they have the skills to deal with the situation at hand, then I would keep an eye out for their gear. So I guess it depends on the situation and person, but I would be willing to land out to help out.
  11. Brian, Please tell me that you didnt name this new lotus after a dog, did you???
  12. the one speeding ticket that I have gotten was on the way to the DZ so I could do a night jump. 3 mph short of going to jail....I told the cop that I am glad that he didnt catch me earlier...Definately going to jail...basstards,
  13. 1. Whats your name? Barry 2. How old are you? 30 3. Why did you decide to start jumping out of airplanes? My company was paying for it and I couldnt let my customer think I was a wussy. 4. Are you single or taken? Married? Engaged 5. Do you have kids? No 6. What do you drive? Honda Passport 7. Have you ever done a kisspass? yes 8. Where do you live? New Hampshire 9. Do you have any pets? No 10. How many jumps do you have? 2000??? 11. What color eyes do you have? Hazel 12. What is your nationality? USA 13. Have you ever dated someone you met off the internet? No 14. Favorite Movie? Right now-Office Space 15. What do you do when you arent skydiving? Work in skydiving. 16. Have you ever BASE jumped? Yes 17. If not... do you want to? Yes 18. Do you have siblings? 1 of each 19. Where do you want to travel to the most? Mars 20. What's your favorite color? Black 21. Where was the last place you flew to ( not skydiving )? Missouri
  14. For the folks that are in the New England area. The boston museum of science is going to be showing it. It premiers on April 3rd. I get to go to the release party on April 1st!!! Whoooohoooo!!!! Here is the site, they also have a planetarium show there that kicks ass too. Gravity Rules!!! Check out the sponsor for that show...
  15. SkySlut


    Yeah, I had one where I was sitting and watching a bunch of chimps...I was with a bunch of other people and they were watching them to. I was watching them interact and seeing that each monkey was doing something for a reason...but all the other people that I was with didnt really notice of the people were milling about an doing whatever people normally do. So then I looked at a monkey and I noticed that he was sitting there quietly and watching the people. I figured that he was wondering what it was that we were doing...I am sure that he thought that we were just as weird as the people thought that they were...intellectually speaking of course. So I dont know what it meant, but I think that I made some strange connection with a monkey. A mindmeld, if you will. I guess it comes from my belief that humans are just glorified different really.
  16. One of them being an instructor...our part time pilot's friend actually.
  17. Joe was 57. I knew Joe very will. I was just thinking about the time that he broke his femur by being cut off by someone in the main landing area while I was working in Deland. Even when he was busted up, he still hung out at the DZ. Super nice guy. I will miss him very much. He was jumping shortly thereafter. Amazing thing. My condolences to the whole family in Deland. We will miss him. Real cool guy.
  18. Where did you get that picture??? If that is where I think that is a couple of years old and there were fatalities involved. Again, if that is where I think it is...they land planes on that lake all the time. During the winter they actually have a runway set up for that purpose and have airshow type events...including skydiving. But in the case that I am thinking of...there was actually an emergency situation.
  19. I was on the plane and I heard a TM say "Is this the closest you have ever been to another man?"...only to have the passenger say "no". Really funny. That joke backfired pretty good on the TM or the student had an even funnier joke on him. Either way, the look on both of their faces was priceless.
  20. Thats nothing??? Actually it really is nothing because they are both scumbags...I take it that you were never in a fraternity???
  21. Bush and Kerry are related...well sort of...
  22. I got a story...We were doing a 8 way, good one, but I digress...we had a lurker. He had 30 somthing jumps. He said that he went out just to watch us. Well, we all broke off and the only thing that I remember is the sound of his canopy opening by me. He was about 30 ft from me. Interesting, scary...and a learning experience...KNOW WHO IS GOING OUT AFTER YOU....and for that matter before you. He had no idea of what he was doing.
  23. last I heard from Javelin...16 weeks!!!
  24. Anywho...dumbest thing. They had a guy that was BASE jumping from a 6k ft. cliff. They said that he want ed to get video, but his helmet put him off and he didnt get stable until 4k and then he pulled. Stupid....stupid...stupid. I cant believe that I watch tv sometimes... fear & compsumption edit to say...that they said it was a near fatality...sillly.