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  1. well we are on our 12th load or something and we see fighter jets checking us out on every load...pretty cool actually.
  2. is an update. The secret service is a bit too busy apparently so we had to buy our own security for the day. We have local police and US Marshals that are going to be on the plane and on the ground at all times. So we got to pay them to be here but its better than the alternative. We also have to be in constant communication with the Manchester/Portland towers. Also, an FYI - we know people who know people and a call was made to the Sr. I guess him being on this months cover of Parachutist couldnt hurt. I am not quite sure what made this thing happen other than a buttload of work on our part, but hey...we are jumping!!! Whooohoooo!
  3. yeah, 3 years in the making and about 150k in lost revenue...
  4. I am sure that we will...I guess when the tandem master asks them to take all items out their pocket...guns, knives, etc...they wont be kidding.
  5. Ahaaa!!! I think that we arent screwed. We attained permision yesterday!!! Although we are going to have a secret service guy on the plane all weekend...Whoooohoooo!!!!
  6. I havent looked at a sectional map, but the driving directions from Skydive Temple to Crawford was 48 miles. I know that he must spend most of his time on the ranch, but I would venture a guess that he does get out every once and a does it affect anyone down there when he goes out for a happy meal?
  7. GWB is coming to town up here in Maine and he is shutting us down for a 3rd year in a row. We have called Senators, Governors, USPA, FAA, the White House, the Secret Service, etc. and have gotten nowhere. I was wondering if there have been any issues with Texas DZs while he is in Crawford? I know that there have been some exemptions to the TFRs, how did they happen??? Any ideas. I am trying to call Skydive Temple as they seem to be the closest to his hometown, but nobody has been answering. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. We got a rigger up here at Skydive New England that has been making them...they are working really well. He has made them for Velocity, FX, & Xaos. PM me if you are interested.
  9. SNE rocks...swoop pond, restaraunt, bonfires every night, live bands from Boston/Portland on Saturdays, cookouts on Saturdays, guesthouses, free camping, 200 acres of private land to wander around and get lost in. Best vibes anywhere. Fastest super otter in New England (with kickass new graphics painted on it.) Come on out and check us out.
  10. July 9th-11th Skydive New England will have the Mantis Mayhem Boogie featuring Chopper jumps. We will also have the swooping competition. TJ Langren will be around all week for freefly organizing. There will also be a live band & BBQ on saturday. check out for further details.
  11. Only a few slots left!!! New England's biggest ever Free-fly boogie!!! World Champions Rook Nelson, Mike Swanson, and Alaska Jon will be here for this unprecedented event! This is the only stop on the EastCoast!!! Don't miss it!!! * Free-Fly coaching with the worlds best, will be nothing short of spectacular!! * Only 20 slots are available, so please register early! * One on one coach slots- an end of the day video debrief/ seminar (learn from everybody's jumps)- and later - if you're up for it. . . big way free-fly record !!!!!! * Everybody leaves with a video of the weekend (yes, you have to leave eventually) * We will also have live music around the bonfire to round out one of the best weekends of your life * $150/ person if you pre register. $200 for late registration. Please send a $150 deposit to: Alchemy boogie, Skydive New England LLC., 40 Skydive Lane, Lebanon, ME 04027 o The Registration fee covers Alchemy's airfare, lodging and their coach jumps. All you have to cover is your own slot!. o We will also have live music around the bonfire to round out one of the best weekend's of your life!
  12. Brian Germain is back again (he loves this place). This is the 2nd of a series of canopy control seminars. Brian will be coaching the advanced class for our future Pro- canopy pilots and surfers. * This meet is for those who want to qualify for our pond surfing meet on July 4th weekend. * Compete to win $, Canopies, and Free Jumps !! * Learn safe pond surfing techniques from those who know best (or just show off). * Check the website for details.
  13. * Z Hills "Big way Guru" Box Man- will be here to hone your big way skills. This is Skydive New England's warm up for all the big way's going on in New England this season. * Fred and Heather are doing their famous "BIG PIG" roast for the fun loving cannibals. * Live music from our very own Logical Project begins at sunset - . . . . we know you will love 'em or your double your $ back! Come on out...the weather should be cooperating....Dont miss out. For more info check out
  14. Hey gary, If you find your way up to SNE, Coonass and Tim Bernard are jumping may want to give them a call up here.
  15. Skydive New England...the country's coolest unkown secret!!! Check it out. Vibes like no other and Mt. Washington, the Atlantic Ocean, the Lakes Region, the Fall jump prices in NE. Guesthouses, camping, bonfires nightly, live entertainment on weekends, 200 acres of private land, super fast super otter...kick ass calendar of events. If you are a swooper...we got a kick ass swooping pond for your swooping pleasure!!! Check it out...
  16. Only 3 Slots Left!!!! Brian Germain, of Big Air Sportz will be here for a world class canopy control seminar. Brian is the maker of the "air locked" canopy, which revolutionized the world of parachutes. This course is a must do for anyone who wishes to know- how their parachute works, fly like the big dogs, and become a safer canopy pilot. The course is $ 100 for 2 days- SNE will cover his slots, lodging, transportation. What more can you ask for? A $50 registration is required to ensure your place in the class. Check out the calendar for more details, or call 1-800 UGO JUMP to sign up. As always, there will be a kickin' Mexican feast hosted by the Baked Bean. Post sunset celebration will include live tunes, piñata, bonfire and bueno's vibos! The Parachute and its Pilot A Seminar Series by Brian Germain The goal of the course is to promote safety. I try to hit as many topics as possible in the time allowed, which is why I try to do an entire weekend workshop now, rather than one evening talk. There is a lot to cover. The course primarily targets canopy skills and understanding as the primary subject matter, from the perspective of a parachute designer. I will, however, adapt the class to incorporate anything the hosts believe to be appropriate, as well as shaping the subject matter to fit each particular group of students. I also include information on the psychology of survival in high stress situations, a topic on which I have done a great amount of research. I can also include a copy of my new book: "The Parachute and its Pilot" for each of the participants. We often include jumping in the course, but it isn't necessary at all. The bulk of the learning is in the classroom, not the air. If we do go that route, I will provide specific jump objectives, as well as providing video debrief of landings. I strongly recommend having video of each participant's landing prior to the course. This will deepen the discussions, even if the weather does not work out for jumping. The course fee is $100 per student, and the DZ management or host arranges my transportation, as well as reasonable accommodations. This can include crashing at someone's house, or other cost-effective avenue. Minimum class size is 7 participants. There is no maximum number of students, although more than 20 participants should include a third day. I highly suggest booking well in advance of the planned date of the course, as the demand for this has become quite high worldwide. Emailing your jumpers with the course dates and details no less than one month before the course is essential. Looking forward to coming to your DZ! Sincerely, Brian Germain
  17. Join Skydive New England at the Boston Museum of Science on June 24th to celebrate our 20th year of operation in Southern Maine Skydive New England is sponsoring “Gravity Rules!” at the Boston Museum of Science. The planetarium show examines the force that makes skydiving possible. Other exhibits at the museum include the traveling Einstein exhibit, an educational exhibit about “the Science of Risk” and the IMAX movie “Adrenaline Rush”. Skydive New England cordially invites you to join us for a night at the Boston Museum of Science. Guests will enjoy free parking at the museum and free entrance to all exhibits. Our feature presentation will be a private showing of the IMAX movie “Adrenaline Rush”. The movie features the world’s best skydivers, wingsuit flyers and BASE jumpers. World Champion Free-Flyers, Mike Swanson, Rook Nelson and Dave Brown, are featured in the film and will be in attendance as they make their only stop on the east coast this summer for a weekend of coaching at Skydive New England. 6:30pm – Reception with H’ors D’oeurves and cocktails in the Galaxy Café. 7:30pm – Press conference 8:00pm – Private Omni Theatre showing of Adrenaline Rush 9:00pm – Desserts and Coffee Please RSVP by June 1st by calling (800) U-GO-JUMP. Spots are going fast! For further details on the event or the museum check out or For further details on Alchemy check out
  18. yep, cool footage...Well, this I know. I spoke to Tim this morning and he got paid for the footage, I guess they just misinformed him of the date or airing. I thought that was kinda early...they only shot the interviews a week or so ago with him. I will keep you posted.
  19. yeah, he spent about 50 hours putting the "best of" footage together...including him having a hard reserve opening and breaking his neck...from the first person point of view...amongst other things...its good. But, yep...he did the whole thing on a MAC and there are some weird skips that are going on and it wont download too well. He did a great job putting it together though...You can always visit us up here in the woods and check it out for yourself, but until he gets it sorted out...gotta wait. The Mac tech support were useless...tried more that the season is kickin...I am sure that he wont be putting too much time into it. Its done...just cant get it off the Mac in a presentable form...
  20. interesting point...he has a bit of video of himself on his way to the plane with some hottie in a golf cart...he says something to the effect "if I pound in...keep the video rolling...if you turn might miss it..." Essentially, he tells people that they should learn from his mistakes...should they happen, of course. He shows it to anyone that will watch actually...whuffos and all. He put together an hour video of all of his swoops and mishaps...really good the hangar footage. They interviewed him for this "I survived" show along with his kid...I cant wait to see it...and see how they portray him...It could be great or it could be a total abortion.
  21. huh...Tim told me that it was supposed to be on tonite...I will have to see what the hell is going on...I will get back with a revised date for the showing...sorry for the misinformation.
  22. still hasnt been showed yet...I am curious...I had to stop rigging because I was swearing too much and they could hear me on the interview at our place...I have seen all the angles though...hundreds of times...its always amazing...he is so lucky to be alive. That canopy just kept flying even after it kept bouncing off the can really learn a lot about canopies by just watching it...either way, he is up an about and swooping our pond...just like nothing has changed.
  23. gotta pay for the hospital bills somehow...
  24. Check out my buddy Tim Bernard on UPN at 9 PM EST...Its the hangar swooping incident...
  25. Dammit!!! Damn...Damn...Damn...June honeymoon...Dammit!!!