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  1. It is a co-branding gig. You raft one day and jump the next. Three Rivers has a great thing going on with rafting, food, and camping. The next day you jump at a satellite operation of SNE right near Mt. Katahdin. The views are exceptional.
  2. Closing in on 15 years, 7500+ jumps, most of them on a Velocity 75. Not a single cutaway.
  3. Its pretty simple...those are the places you want to avoid working for.
  4. Thanks for the kind words Matt! Cheers, -B
  5. I have been to dropzones all over the country with over 6000 jumps over 11 years...and Elsinore is by far the friendliest, most professional and laid back DZ I have ever seen. I keep waiting for an ego to show up (I am sure there are some, but they seem to be well in check) but it never happens. The scenery is gorgeous. The planes are always flying. The staff is uber-friendly. The facilities are great. Elsinore has everything except the egos!!!
  6. Plenty of places...I would imagine that you could look up online about hang gliding. I know that there is a place in NH somewhere. Sorry, I dont know where but I know a few people that went so I would assume that you could find a place. I dont know anyone who is doing it around here. But I am sure that if you looked around you could find some great places.
  7. If you know who he is...then what are you doing in this forum?!??!?!
  8. Check out the rainbow trailing behind me...pretty cool, I cant say that I have seen that before...taken by our resident Golden Knight. Chuck Karcher... No photoshop whatsoever...pretty cool, huh?
  9. yo, Janelle...check out this month's parachutist...there is an ad in there with all the details...its at deland this year.
  10. Here is my take on this...I have always worn a fullface helmet on AFF jumps for these reasons: 1)My safety 2)Its just what I am comfortable with. I think that a fullface can be used effectively if you teach the student what to expect ahead of time. For example, we dont teach the toungue out signal, instead we brief the students on a Cat C, for instance, "what do you think happened if you see both of your instructors out in front of you?" Answer from the student: I am going backwards? so we then ask them what makes that happen and how can you fix that??? So we are getting them thinking early on and I have never (knock on wood) had to get in a full track (Merlin CompSuit) to get to a student, so driving towards them while giving a legs out signal isnt typically a problem. If they are sliding so quickly then typically they are going to be sitting upright to the point of flipping over...needing a redock anyways. As far as spotting...I will usually give them a briefing on how to spot on the ground and then I will have them just take a look out of the plane to see where we are getting out and then have them tell me where we were when we get back down as an introduction. When I have them pick the spot...I have them tell me where we should be getting out of the plane while we are on the ground according to todays winds. Then while we are up in the plane, I have them stick their head out and then look to me and give me a thumbs up or a nod that they think that they are in a good spot. I will either agree or disagree and give them a wait signal and then talk about it later. The other thing is that students can see a smile through a helmet...they can also see your eyes light up. NonVerbal communication is just as, if not more, important than verbal communication. Point being: A fullface isnt a problem if you set the expectations ahead of time
  11. $75 for one student, $50 per student for the first 5 and then $35 per student after the first 5 at $50 per person.
  12. I know...I am one of those people At least we give free fun jumps to the video guys that do promo stuff for the DZ.
  13. Yeah, I have looked at the boneheads as well. I really like their cutaway system, but in general I have heard more negative than I have positive. You either love 'em or hate 'em. I have tried them on and I seem pretty neutral towards them.
  14. yeah, I am going to be eventually shooting video for students...just kinda doing it for shits and giggles at the moment until I get the hang of it....what a pain in the ass sorting all this stuff out has become. from suits to mixing boards, to cameras, to helmets, blah, blah, blah... Thanks for the input. Ive got a pc101...$450 bucks, brand new off of Ebay...I am stoked with that thing so a helmet and I am going to borrow different type of wingsuits to see what I prefer. Cheers