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  1. ivanrockon

    GoPro WiFi BacPac

    I do remember when I was tandem video guy in a busy tandem boogie and there were many video guys editing at the same time and one of them pointed a bit to far away the remote control and all the camera started rewinding/stoping/etc. and everyone in the frequency of the remote control were cursing at the guy because it screwed up their video. Are these Wifi controllers will not interfere with other wifi gopro cameras in the airplane? Ivan "Rock On"
  2. ivanrockon

    GoPro Hero2 card & settings?

    Thanks for your feedback. Will put it on test this weekend. Ivan "Rock On"
  3. ivanrockon

    GoPro Hero2 card & settings?

    Thanks a lot. Ivan "Rock On"
  4. ivanrockon

    GoPro Hero2 card & settings?

    I used to do a lot tandem & fun jump videos when mini-dv cameras where the hit of the moment. Been retired from the sport for a some years, been doing some jumps now and I see that the skydiving/video camera and setups have change a lot. Too make the story short I just bought a Hero2 but not sure which card to buy since I can not find anyone to tell me which one is more reliable/fast and appropriate for this camera (other than SDHC class 4 or above). Any other settings in the camera (for video) that you may want to share to record my skydiving activities? Thanks and blue ones! Ivan "Rock On"
  5. ivanrockon

    Sigma 17-70mm for skydiving

    I made the change from the canon kit to this one. Had issues with the focusing on the kit lens (terrible and slow). For me the end result is WAAYY better than with the kit. For some people it may not be a "good" decision to deviate from the kit and use it in skydiving, but, you also mention that you want to use it on your other activities (same reason that I bought it) and I'm very happy with it also on the results of the non-skydiving pictures. Ivan "Rock On"
  6. ivanrockon

    7th Puerto Rico Freefall Festival 2009!*

    Homeboy Ivan saying I'm in! To the big way attempts. I'll be there from wednesday to monday. Ready to anything. Ivan "Rock On"
  7. ivanrockon

    Good or Bad Opinion on Top Mounts Helmets

    So many camera flyers out there and so far no feedback? Only a response from another skydiver with similar problem. Please, there is got to be someone willing to share information!! Ivan "Rock On"
  8. ivanrockon

    Good or Bad Opinion on Top Mounts Helmets

    I do plenty of videoing tandems and have classic old bh mindwarp with pc110 on the left ear side of the helmet and canon xt on the top. Been looking for a top mount helmet to put both cameras (side by side) on top. But since there is no skydiving store in my island (to grab and test any of these helmets) nor a top mounted helmet in my dz. I need to have the top mount configuration for personal reasons that I will not discuss here, been very undecided on which helmet to buy/consider. BH FTP is seems like a no brainer but is quite out of my budget. Vapor Wes Pro or Vapor Narrow seems more affordable. But since I don't have any other way (only internet shopping) to try to decide wish one to buy. Please I wish to know advantages or disadvantages on your top mount helmet\factory customer service\quality\safety\easy of use and set up your stuff up there\etc. Any input will be helpful!!! Please wish to receive feedback on top mount helmets only, I already have a multi sided camera helmet setup. Thanks! Ivan "Rock On"
  9. ivanrockon

    New look and FL CPA results

    Does the email of the website works? I have emailed for some information but no response so far from nobody. Other than that website looks very good and organized from previous version. Ivan "Rock On"
  10. ivanrockon

    Fast DVD Burner Model?

    I'll check it out. Thanks for your feedback. Ivan "Rock On"
  11. ivanrockon

    Fast DVD Burner Model?

    At the dz I jump is searching for a fast DVD burner. We edit tandem videos using Videonics linear editing equipment, but, the actual (SONY) DVD burner takes 5-6 minutes to finalize whatever we have edited.... too long for our taste, specially our DZO. Someone told us that a dvd burner made by Lite-On do the finalizing in 35 seconds. I was wondering what brand/model you people use for a quick turn around in the editing department? Also, how fast it do the finalizing part? Any help will be great. Ivan "Rock On"
  12. ivanrockon

    Puerto Rico photos online

    Wanted to flock, but was way to busy videoing tandems. Ivan "Rock On"
  13. ivanrockon

    Best Camera Suit???

    Have you checked LiquidSky camera suits? They are very good. Ivan "Rock On"
  14. ivanrockon

    FreeFly Suit Q's.....

    LiquidSky of course! A no brainer! Ivan "Rock On"
  15. ivanrockon

    PR Boogie

    I'll be there! Ivan "Rock On"