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  1. Really surprised to see no mention of keeping your head on a swivel and constantly checking for other canopies, don't just blindly fixate on objects on the ground and lose aerial awareness.
  2. Does anyone have any resources online on getting started with back flying? Techniques, positions, how to's? Anything appreciated to look at before i get some coaching. Mods, please move this post if in the wrong section!
  3. The insurance / money side isn't the main consideration here, i take out insurance whenever i am skydiving abroad. I have tried to be a UK weekend jumper, but its just not for me. I was more concerned about how safe it is to go uncurrent for months, then blast out 50 jumps in a week, then go uncurrent again, etc! Do many people jump this way?
  4. With the shocking UK summer we've had i'm starting to consider not renewing BPA membership next year and limiting my jumping to 2 or 3 weeks of holidays per year. Either that or jacking it all in. Would the uncurrency between the holidays worry any of you? Would it be safer to just quit? I have around 200 jumps.