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  1. Hammitt

    What was your safest parachute?

    Did it still have the sea anchors? Mine did. I think I paid a $100 for mine. In fact I still have it out in my shed. Since the sea anchors are sewn on after the fact, you could take them off if you were very cautious with a seam ripper. It took me about a week doing a couple of hours each night to take it off. I had three rides on mine. One at Yolo and two at Pope Valley.
  2. Nick was a very good friend of mine. I made a lot of jumps with him. I also made a few jumps at Lincoln. The Cessna 182 was named Catfish. Sandy George ran the place back then. My favorite Nick story was at Pope Valley. We parked our vans next to each other and on Sunday morning Nick woke up and got out of his van. He reached into his pocket and pulled out about 15 dimes. He looks at me and says "Deane, why do I have so many dimes in my pocket?" I said "Nick, you were drinking 90 cent drinks last night." I sure do miss that guy. He was one of the nicest guys i ever met.
  3. Hammitt

    Country skydive video!

    Which plane. The Beech 18 for the exterior shots or the DC 3 for the interior shots?