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  1. The attached photograph from the Jason Korell collection make me smile.
  2. No post from jumpers at the dropzone where brought the Pabst Blue Ribbon. It was consumed. A few people gave me shit so I brought Hamns the next weekend. It is cheaper.
  3. Is Troy your room mate or sponsor? No slur against the quality of Go Fast intended.
  4. Can anyone recommend a beer that is less expensive that Pabst Blue Ribbon BUT just as good?
  5. New Mexico. Unless you are hyper or uptight. We cannot achieve hyper, uptight is stretch. One job is open. We really need a less evil governor.
  6. Sweet set up. I sold my home brewing equipment and kegs in a desperate attempt to maintain my wing loading.
  7. What kind of vodka do you like, Blue Sky, Black Death?
  8. I have a another really good idea. Ditch work and jump Saturday and Sunday. Credit cards are meant to be used. The credit card companies are your friends. Spotting a C182 is delightful. Our pilots delight in teaching jumpers to spot.
  9. YIPPIE! Yeahaw! I recieved mine.
  10. I have heard they have weddings in Quarks Bar at the Star Trek Experience in the Las Vegas Hilton. Federation or Klingon ceromonies are available.
  11. "Goin Down LLC" is a good straight name. I have heard from a non-lawyer: the manager of an LLC can be sued but crooks will not usually follow the trail out of the country. If you own a home or have a retirement fund, you might want to set up a Panamanian corporation to own and manage your LLC. "Panama Corporation, No Assets in USA, Skydiving Instructionz" has a nice ring.
  12. Medical insurance is good. Best wishes a long, safe, and happy swooping.
  13. Once upon at time, we were drinking and one of friends requested help moving. Being drunk, I volunteered. When I called the next day, he was asleep. He drug his ass out of bed and met me at his old apartment. Knowing he was moving in with girl friend, being a silly person, and him being really hung over, I labeled the boxes to amuse me (Doggie Porn, Horse Porn, etc.). His girl friend/now wife and I had a good chuckle over it, later. The moral of the story are: 1) Never abuse alcohol. Alcohol is a dangerous drug. 2. Label your roomate's packing boxes to amuse yourself.
  14. [replyruined the coors lite that I drank for the rest of the evening. __________________________________________________Coors Lite is the worst that I have ever tasted, but many people who do not like beer in general will drink it. All Miller products are bad. I acknowledge that the Miller skunk taste and aroma are extremely popular and hugely successful. The skunk taste is caused by light passing through the clear bottles and creating fusel (sp?) alcohol. I do not like it. It's probably against the law in Germany. I drank an lot of Milwaukee's Best when is was the cheapest beer available; $7.00 a case and almost as good Coors or Miller. It made some people FLATULENT. I do not like a well brewed, true to type German wheat beer; cannot stand the fruitiness. My favorite bad beers are Pearl and Pabst Blue Ribbon. If you are going to drink bad beer, drink a cheap bad beer. I brewed a delicious pilsner named "Goat Piss Pils" (catchy huh). Quality assurance tasting used up most bottles of it before the lagering process was even complete. The name seemed to put people off though.