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  1. Your supposed to keep the real stupid things we did to yourself. BBBBa's forever
  2. Come out and join us at Skydive Temple this weekend for the 2nd annual Bird Base Blues Brother Convention! Skyvan, Grand Caravan, load organizers, foam pit, Saturday night toga party and shrimp boil, free beer, free lodging, and, as always, southern hospitality! No registration fee. :) or 254-947-DIVE for more information.
  3. Being Steve is from MT I think the jumper was Hod Sanders, he tried out for the seals but never made it through.
  4. Hey all, I hadn't jumped in a couple of years, missed it so much went out and bought a PAC 750 XL, based it at Taft, CA just to have free dives. I'm an old belly flyer, always interested in giving free rw instruction to anybody that wants to learn. Any of my old rw buddies come on up and lets have some fun. I had never jumped at Taft prior to putting my plane there, The locals are way friendly and made me feel right at home. So, if you get to Taft look me up and lets make some dives.
  5. Charlie, how the hell you doin? I stil talk with allot of the old guys from the Poor Indian Parachute Club. Give me an e-mail and I can forward some names.
  6. Have Barry's son e-mail me at mark I was one of Barry's best friends. Barry was one of the wilesdt and crazy guys on the planet and I would love to talk to his son.
  7. Is the guy on the far right in the group shot Hank Ashuto (sorry if I butcherd his name)?
  8. markmark

    Skydive Temple

    Fun, low pressure DZ where the emphasis is on the U in FUN! Pool table, darts, great snack bar. Airconditioned indoor packing and always free beer.