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  1. Adi

    TI question

    Looking for info on what instructors make when taking larger tandems. What is the base price of a tandem and is there any surcharge based on weight. What is the max weight you take, is it DZ policy or at your discretion? How are you compensated for the extra work? Please include name of DZ/location. Thanks
  2. Anyone notice the 'student' stopping a turn quickly on instructor heading... before flipping out a peace sign at 1:36 - maybe semi-experienced skydiver messing with instructors at another DZ. If not just a practice/eval jump
  3. Why not the start of a mens class?!
  4. nearly there - keep going on that thought
  5. I was doing a jump with a guy with 100 or so jumps who wanted some help sitflying. When we got down from the jump I asked him if he was ready to go and debrief. He quite openly said in front of everyone, "Give me a min, I had a hard opening and shat myself." We all asked what was so bad about it to shake him up so bad, thinking he just got freaked out. He then told us it wasnt that bad - just a hard opening, he needed to go before he got on the plane + he had actually crapped his pants! He was a brit military guy and came back in about 10 mins to debrief and we carried on jumping. Not really that helpful - but everyone found it funny, including the guy it happened to.
  6. I loved the Katana (120/107) between 1.8-2.0 Above that it felt like I was losing performance.
  7. Hey Mark, I was the guy packing for you the other day. I think that everyone else has pretty much answered your questions. But I just wanted to say well done for being heads up enough to check your own gear. I always try and make sure people check they have the correct rig if im packing some similar ones. I had a guy pick up my own canopy (velo 103) when he was renting gear and was supposed to be downsizing to a pilot 210! Fortunatly I noticed my rig was missing and we got him to ride the plane down!
  8. it depends if its my canopy or a customers as to how i pack. On my own i just run up the left + right line sets rather than doing a full line check (because i know i didnt put any twists in when i landed) Always line check customers canopys. I generally dont count the nose, just pull it back between my legs... wheres it gonna go - its obvious with experience if its caught or twisted. Make sure visually that the lines on the left arent touching the ones on the right, then quater slider. I find that it the slider that controls most of the comfort / cosmetic aspects of the opening. Then anything else canopy specific to assist opening comfort. Then just get it in the bag and leave a good 12 - 18 inches of line before putting in container. When packing for multiple people at once you can save lots of time by not moving around too much. Ive got my pack job down to 2 1/2 - 3mins on my rig (when really going for it!) or consistantly 5 customers on a 20 (ie. 4way team + vid).
  9. Most times if you just try to go faster you will. But there are some stages that you can miss out that will take off time. The important thing is you have the understanding of the system to know what will cause a big problem.... not properly stowing a toggle / misrouting bridle / not clearing lines etc etc
  10. There are a few good hills to launch from around j15 on the M4, swindon area. Also some stuff around netheravon area. Not sure of the name of the place. We just drove around looking for somewhere. Had a few nice flights.
  11. Put a couple of 100 jumps on a sab2. When you learn how to fly it youll be able to do whatever degree of front riser or harness turn you like. I dont think that on a katana you will be at a w/l to apriciate its capabilities. fly the sab2 at 75%+ before getting more aggresive.
  12. Does anyone know what degree of carve will be required for the CP2.