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  1. If I said it wasn't, would you believe me? Hackey
  2. You could make that a Chicago joke by changing it to two guys from Chicago and the Cubs winning the world series. I think the Vikings have a way better shot at the super bowl than the Cubs winning the world series. Hackey
  3. I couldn't believe it when I saw it on the local news this morning. Roger had a great dedication to and love for the sport. My condolences to Rook, Missy, Jeannie, and the rest of his family. Blue Skies Roger! Hackey
  4. Very well put. A lot of people go for an MBA because they think it's a silver bullet to a bigger paycheck. If that's the focus, they have their priorities mixed up. I'm currently a controller at a national van line, and a CPA. What I learned in my undergraduate program and passing the CPA exam makes me a great technician, but it doesn not make me a manager. An MBA provides the kinds of tools I'm looking for to go to the next level. I think the key is to find the best practical use for those tools while staying grounded in the real world. As far as using "mba-speak" goes, I always believe in good communication. MBA-speak, as you so well put it, is precisely not that! Thanks for the good advice.
  5. Go to this link: Notice that in the national rankings they are tied with MIT for the # 4 spot (according to US News)...not too shabby! I'm normally not one to toot my own horn, but I have to on this one! Can't help it. Hackey
  6. I just wanted to share my good news with everyone....I just found out this morning that I have been accepted at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University where I will be starting on my MBA this Summer! I feel incredibly honored to be accepted by that very fine institution.
  7. I thought it came out of a can. Hackey
  8. I think any dog owner can relate to at least most of these! I have a jack russell terrier. Hackey
  9. You can always file for an automatic extension and get it, no questions asked (it's automatic...all you have to do is ask). But it's an extension of the time to file the return, they don't give you any extra time to pay the tax. If you think you're going to owe, you have to estimate the amount and send it in with the request for the extension. If not, later they will hit you with a penalty for paying late. Also, if you are substantially underpaid (meaning you owe a lot) you could also have a penalty for underpayment of taxes even if you file and pay on time. The ideal situation is to try to come as close to breaking even as possible. I'm a CPA, I'm pretty sure about this stuff. Hackey
  10. I'm currently "taking time off" from the sport myself (see my previous post "I'm still alive"). The last time I jumped after a long layoff (about 3 months) I did better on the recurrency dive than I did on my last previous jump. I think the key is to just relax and have fun and not worry about it. Although I think I went over my emergency procedures about 100 times (not a bad idea I think). Blue skies my friend! Hackey
  11. What Daley did to that airport had absolutely nothing to do with protecting downtown Chicago...that was just an excuse. If that was the real reason, he could have just administratively closed the airport without tearing up the runways. He just doesn't want the airport there and he thinks he's found an excuse to get rid of it. Like diverdriver said, if anything he has compromised the security of the downtown area. Hackey
  12. The thing that struck me as being the most odd in that movie is this....exactly how many times do you need to dirt dive a speed star? It seems like they did it alot. How complicated can it be? Hackey
  13. Hey!! I recall pulling you off the landing area with a busted leg a few summers ago. Surely, THAT has to be the best weekend. Wasn't so cool then, but it's a great story now. For sure....and I still have a nice scar and a metal plate in my ankle to show for it. That makes me a member of the "permanent hardware club" ..I get a kick out of the look on whuffos' faces when they ask how I did it and I tell them I did it skydiving. One guy told me "well at least you did it doing something exciting. When I broke my ankle I just did it falling down the stairs" ...I'll never forget how you followed me to the hospital that day...that was really cool. Hackey
  14. My first Choice is Northwestern (Kellogg)...I have a pretty good shot at it. I got a 640 on my GMAT so I'm sure I'll end up somewhere. I'm also applying to University of Chicago and Depaul. Hackey