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  1. fincher

    Best full face helmet video camera.

    Here is something to think about.....if your GoPro is getting knocked off or that is really a concern then you are wearing it on a jump that you shouldnt have a camera on in the first place. that being said accidents can happen on any camera jump so dont take it if you cant afford to break it.
  2. fincher

    Drogue release failure

    no but it sounds like it sucked... glad it worked out jesus loves you, take care
  3. well its not that you are just simply holding your breath. I have this problem on a regular basis. I'm not sure what the real cause is or why some people have it and some dont. Sometimes tandem students have the same problem. Here are a couple of things i have found out about it and tried. 1. It happens to me alot more in the winter than summer. My guess is that the air is so much colder that it is shocking my lungs much more extremely. Also I have more sinus trouble in the winter. Anything that is effecting the efficiency of your lungs is bound to be a contributing factor to this. If I wear a balclava over my mouth it greatly reduces the chance of this happening to me. This tells me that it is primarily the shock of the cold air hitting my lungs and face. Kind of like jumping into cold water. It takes your breathe. 2. Sounds silly but I find that if you exhale on exit it helps. That way you arent starting the skydive with a big gasp of cold. The best way to exhale on exit is to let out a little scream. My theory is that by the time you inhale your body is a little acclimated to the temp. 3. I've also tried breathing through my nose and keeping my mouth closed. Sometimes this works for me. I guess because the volume of Cold air that I take in through my nose is way less than what I breathe in through my mouth. Since it happened as soon as you exposed your face to the wind. I would say thats its definately the cold water effect. Try screaming then taking in a slow breathe NOT GASPING. it works for me
  4. fincher

    Atlanta Skydiving Center

    I would recommend this DZ. It is as good and safe as any other DZ in georgia. The review before this one is obviously not someone making a first jump. They know way to much about skydiving and is obviously someone that works at a competing DZ and has a beef with the people at ASC. I'm sure its something stupid. THere is a intense rivalry between two local DZ's. I'm sure this is the motivation for that review. Its true that kritter might try to remove all the water from the pond with his body. But unfortuneatly at the other DZ they use another method for removing water. Its called the displacement method. They displace the water with dead bodies of students that they neglegently drowned while they were drunk partying. Its a fun DZ also and they skydive safe enough. But if you plan to stay the night I would take a life preserver and use the buddy system. On the bright side they refunded the dead guy his money but unfortuneatly they couldnt refund him his future.