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  1. Who gives a fuck? Are you really going to backseat critique these guys? Even if that isn't standard it's not unsafe. Instructors need to modify and improvise all the time in the real world. Also different dz's still have some slight personalization of aff routines. Or they may have done it for the pic. And you went snitching to a regional director about it?? I'm sure the regional director is like " so fucking what?" But still. Good grief. This is one of the pettiest dumbest post I've ever seen on here from a supposedly experienced skydiver. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  2. you would have learned without it as well. For me, all the extra instructional value of the camera, for every student I take from now to the end of the world is not worth one single entanglement or snag that could kill me or the student. Call me selfish but I couldnt care less if it takes you an extra jump to figure out your leg position. I have nothing to gain by wearing a camera and everything to lose. That being said, once off the harness hold jumps I think the risk is greatly diminished, but for cat A's and such........forget that have no idea what you are getting into. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  3. exactly DJL. the narrower crop will leave you missing most of the key parts of the jump that need correction. Also the angle from the chest mount can still be hard to critique small imperfections in the body position of the student. Not to mention there is still distortion at 127 degrees. are being a fool. I didnt say ban chest mount altimeters, but I simply dont recommend them for early level AFF's. I dont care how slim the chance is....Its one that is not necessary to take. Same as wearing the camera. Wearing a camera does not help me on a jump at all. It may benefit the student some but they can learn without it. If the risk is an increase in potential complication/risk of death then the math is simple. The risk just does not equal the reward. You can ignore and be a smart ass about people sharing potential hazards all you want. AFF can be a close contact sport and I was simply raising awareness of potential hazards from any non-streamlined equipment. During a harness hold AFF jump all this equipment takes on a new "risk" factor and its usefulness should be highly weighed against its potential risk. The bodies dont have to "pile up" for it to be something that needs to be considered. If bodies piling up is your barometer for risk mitigation then you are living in a fantasy world of your own mortality. Nothing in this sport really has bodies piling up but putting a camera or altimeter through a students reserve handle is one link in an accident chain that I plan to remove from the equation. For me I think learning from others mistakes and realizing that it can happen to you is crucial in putting the odds of survival in my favor. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  4. It took you less than 100 jumps to learn what? to act like a know it all and give crappy advice about getting good instructional video from an inside mounted camera on aff? DSE is don't know what you don't know..... Also if what you took from my post was a learning lesson about cropping the sensor on the GoPro then you missed the point. Its about risk mitigation and the risk of that ill placed camera is not worth the very limited view you will get. On any crop mode. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  5. putting anything on your mudflap or chest strap is a bad idea. I left reserve side once with a student that didnt give a count. They ended up against my chest and the chest mount altimeter got snagged under the MLW. Could have just as easily been a reserve handle. Just instruct and don't worry about some terrible go pro perspective that is so skewed from the wide angle that it is not even accurate depiction of body position. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  6. I shoot a GX7 with a 8mm fisheye and have no problems or complaints in any area. All you need is a cheap remote release extension cord. It will plug directly into your camera on one end and into your standard tongue switch on the other. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  7. panasonic GX-7 and its awesome. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  8. well i guess he finally hit the jackpot. This should be the cherry on top of his youtube vendetta sundae i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  9. hard to stand up a tandem when you just piled through a AFF canopy on final......just sayin. Trying a stand up landing is no defense for blindly turning a canopy with complete disregard for yours or any one elses life. I know this was a mistake but you just cant afford to make them if you are doing this kind of "pattern". The TI was either complacent or an unaware jackass. Every TI in the world knows what got out of the plane before him and after him and Every TI in the world should be looking for those AFF and low time jumper canopies during descent. Diablo pilot is 100% right. The simple fact is that the TI did not do his job of locating canopies and mapping a safe pattern/building separation. No excuse for a tandem not to see every canopy below him. He is a tandem instructor!!!! He should be the most aware and conservative person in the sky. There is no good excuse for this to happen. That is an ignorant and trusting human that you have strapped to the front of you! Start flying like you give a shit about that persons life instead of your priority being trying to keep dirt off your jumpsuit. If you are bored with tandems and just want to go to sleep under canopy till its time to toggle whip that school bus at the ground then you should quit tandems and get a new job. Perhaps holding the ladder is more of your skill set. The TI here should have known that student or low time jumper was on the plane and should have immediately located him under canopy and flew accordingly. -Student was low canopy. -The TI is the one that initiated the maneuver that caused the collision. -The TI is an instructor that is responsible for using good judgement and being aware. Those are the undisputable facts. The TI is 100% at fault. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  10. Here is something to think about.....if your GoPro is getting knocked off or that is really a concern then you are wearing it on a jump that you shouldnt have a camera on in the first place. that being said accidents can happen on any camera jump so dont take it if you cant afford to break it. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  11. fincher

    AFF - handycam

    just a heads up. I borrowed a rig to back up a load that had a chest mount alt. I was outside on exit. Count was horrible but exit was stable. Bad part is the alt. got snagged under the students rig. I had to carefully unwedge it off the hill. Thankfully it wasnt through a handle. I would discourage wearing any cameras or chest mount alt. on something as unpredictable as a AFF jump. No need to risk yourself or a student any more than their own ignorance and your own false confidence is already doing. just food for thought. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  12. not to stir the pot but if you are shooting stills with a go pro then why not just shoot video with one as well. super light weight, same batteries, chargers, and cards so everything is interchangeable. No long term neck issues(well not from camera weight anyway). And yes tonfly makes a rad helmet. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  13. good move. shooting wildlife you will want some TC's in your bag. I almost always have my 1.4 mounted. Just a l little info. the 80-400 is the same dimensions as the 70-200. Its a slower lens (4.5-5.6) but with the ISO performance on your new nikon Its not a huge issue ( most of time) i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  14. Might look at renting the new 80-400 for your trip if its available then. Or you could buy a 1.4x TC for the 70-200. I shoot that combo alot on a D800. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down
  15. I have been seeing this issue alot this year, its happened multiple time to me and always on the same exact canopy and normaly on the same side every time. I saw one instructor land this with a nice head wind and it was not bad. I have cut it away once and fixed it the other times. The last time I had the student hold down on the ggod toggle while I pulled the rear riser to take pressure off the brake line, then i was able to work it over the grommet with both hands. I think this is going to be an issue all over and perhaps something UPT needs to look at. I can only assume it is related to change of line types on the sigma canopies. i'll huff and I'll puff and I'll burn your packing tent down