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  1. Seen and worked on both. I have no real preference, both have same resolution (2560x1600 @ 60Hz), same image brightness (400 cd/m^2), same image contrast (700:1). Both are great monitors. At first I was leaning towards the Dell because I thought it would have the additional inputs (s-video, composite, rca, etc) as the 24" does. Since neither of those monitors have those additional inputs, now its 50-50. No real preference either way. Oh, and make sure you have a dual-dvi graphics card, you'll need one if you want to use those 30". Edited to add: Right now Apple is about $200 cheaper than Dell (at their respective stores), but I'm sure you can find deals online for the Dell so the cost difference is not enough to tilt the scale either way. ~Chivo
  2. Chivo

    Por Que?

    Wow, good ol' Jose Feliciano. Haven't heard that song in years.
  3. According to, RockBox doesn't support video playback on the video ipod. That's pretty much all I use it for so I'll stay with apple's firmware for a while. The most important question was posted before... "is it reversible???" :-) ~Chivo
  4. OOOOPS! Thanks, I searched in the attachments and forgot to look for links.
  5. That's AWESOME! Is there a PDF or high quality copy of that image? I'd love to print it and put it on the wall here @ work! ~Chivo
  6. Chivo

    AOT - Fire Dance

    As a skydiver you should know that if you want to be in the photo, you gotta jump in front of the camera . Hehehe! If you want the full res photos I can put them online and PM you the link. ~Chivo
  7. Chivo

    AOT - Fire Dance

    I tried to take a few photos with a longer exposure to have those long trails on the fire. The problem was that the she was dancing and moving non-stop so she always came out blurry on the photos. I have to experiment a little more with different camera settings to do a better job the next time. ~Chivo
  8. Chivo

    AOT - Fire Dance

    Yeah, the show is great, too bad for the people that missed it. Maybe the pics will encourage them to get their butts to AOT next year! ~Chivo
  9. Chivo

    AOT - Fire Dance

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a few of them... 'Nuff said. ~Chivo
  10. It’s in the initial stage of production. We hope it will be released in 2006. It will cost less than a good mobile phone. It will be real. It will be OS-independent (at least it’s going to be able to work in some default state with any OS). It will support any language or layout. Moscow is the capital of Russia. Each key could be programmed to produce any sequence. It will be an open-source keyboard, SDK will be available. Some day it will be split (and made “ergonomic”). It will most likely use the OLED technology (e-paper is sooo slow). Our studio is located two blocks from the Kremlin. It will feature a key-saver. Keys could be animated when needed. It has a numeric keypad because we love it. There’s no snow in Moscow in summer. It will be available worldwide (why not?) OEM is possible (why not?)
  11. Well, you have 666 posts at this time... I'd say that's a sign! ~Chivo
  12. As the lead, it is my responsibility to move my dancing partner into an open space. Everytime I do a cross body lead or any type of transition that requires more space, I have to make sure that there's enough room before hand. On rare occations, I've found people that either a) have no idea what they're doing or b) don't care if they bump/step on other dancers. Both types bother me, though I can deal with (a) because as a beginner I'm sure I did that a few times, and all of the times weres unintentional. But (b) is another matter. If they are good dancers, they should know better. In your case, I would've said something to them. Or just take my partner and lead her to a location on the dance floor as far away from them as possible. Then again, I might have just backed up into 'their space' frequently just to piss them off. :-) Don't get discouraged, salsa dancing is awesome, but like everything, you gotta take the good with the bad. ~Chivo