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  1. not a chance gc......they are making no developmental differences in their wings except to go smaller with more plastic in the nose. GLX is the supreme wing available. Soaring, ripping et al
  2. saw cris anne with your patch on the plane. always around.. :)
  3. The Danish swoopers posted their pix a while ago hang on looking now...
  4. sony says the chipset is better recording quality that transfers really to low light situations. Plus this model has a dock for a lamp. CX100 is the better choice for me. Everything I do with it is in daylight situations and 2 out of my 3 are on tripods at the top and bottom of the hill recording ground launching ...2cents
  5. Yet here you are making fun of someone with a drug problem.... Is that better? no cut to you ron, but for limbaugh yes it should be fine, he makes some pretty two faced comments about 'his own kind' here hopefully we are rid of this fat f$%& sooner than later
  6. _ Drug addict - Obeese for most of his life - High stress - Piece of shit SO yea, he has been building his casket for a long time. What do they say - only the good die young? Well, if fascist Rushy dies soon, that guy didn't know WTF he was talking about. lol all true....can we add racist f$#% ....and pie e of s$^# again
  7. thank you for taking the time to give that article Brian. It makes complete sense from my standpoint. How a person visualizes their setup as per weather/all conditions is the only thing they can really control; which then leads one to the importance of the veto power with the eyes. Consistency and practice create canopy understanding. Keep the info coming please..or rather I need to finally get with you in one of your camps.
  8. i had mounted my viso in a way last week that blocked the 'hole' on the backside(no pun) which I believe needs to be clear for accurate reading. It would function, just not very quickly, ie during my 270 if gave a glance at the start of the turn. made a mod to the mount that allowed the 'hole' no blockage and all was fine. Always trust your eyes.
  9. they can but i prefer the control you would have with that spire on the rears. harness and toggles are all you have on the bullets for example check Mal out on a bullet vid
  10. 2nd what Rhys says...he is a man who knows, with experience and knowledge. GLX all the way, well anything all sail cloth. But that is another topic. More movement/progression in the sport will motivate from the skydiving end ultimately, IMO
  11. I always like what Chuck has to say....and the last statement says it all, I believe.
  12. sorry to get a little off topic but I was there recently and I've never had problems getting on loads when the caravan is flying. expensive.... but lots of slots open. get better Jarret....
  13. dave you are absolutely correct, I was quickly typing and purposely keeping my answer short to gain a nicely detailed response from another trusted canopy pilot like yourself. It is something discussed 2nd from PD training. this is really the visual I difference I was briefly eluding to with the difference between pushing and pulling. Thanks for elaborating with better explanation