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  1. Hee! can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  2. I've been dragged and I've been drugged. I really did not like being dragged. Hahahahahaha! :D can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  3. HI, MIke! Oops! Sorry - yes I did get it! Thanks! I have been so busy moving in the middle of a really difficult (to me, anyway...Math, ich) class, and I lost track of what I was about for a second! I posted it just now as a note. I will PM you w/ my FB info:) You have to friend me to see it... Thanks again, Jeannie can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  4. Do you mind if I post this on my FB page (with your due credits, of course), I really like how it kind of sums up the feeling and emotion of that waiting and the release of flight. I think it should be shared outside this forum - as is. Let me know. Jeannie can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  5. Why belly flyin? Head down kisses passes are awesome
  6. Thanks d_squared! I hope you got a chance to see the art - tis cool, no? I saw all kinds of possibility as relates to formation skydives. Whodathunkit? Peace, Jeannie can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  7. Thanks for the effort, skyrider! Links are sentient and malevolent beings in my world... can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  8. Tessellations by Escher...check it out if you're feeling like your formations are getting a bit stale: can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  9. Kisses and wet smooches all around! YAY! can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  10. That's great idea! My first air kiss - wait, I gotta drag out the old log-book - --twenty minutes of reminiscing later...ahhh, here it is! Jump no. 26, 6/23/01, Alabama Skydiving (Pell City), C182,Javelin Manta 282:),2-way w/ Peanut. "exit out of V w/ Peanut-great! Broke off, re-dock - had some descent problems at first. We came together + had great fun! First air kiss:)! 360 re-dock w/o pull 4k Great canopy ride nice landing" This is a transcription... signed by Sandrah M Carriuh
  11. Hmmm. The scale is hard to judge. Is it a big baby? Also, it would be easier to id with a face shot if it is a blue jay. It is way too dark (again may be the scale or lighting) to be a blue jay chick, but the tail feathers are magnificent! How big was it? The plumage can tell the species, but size and coloration have to match...Really CUTE! can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  12. unfurls and hurls?? no, that's not right either ha!...oh, well, you'll tease it for awhile, I'm sure, but I think it's just perfect as is. :) can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  13. EASY! Paul Meagher put it on my very first jump video (8-16-1999)- it will always be my "skydive song"...New Radicals, You Get What You Give. It was appropriate. Stand at ease! Love ya, PM, wherever you are! Jeannie MB2897 Vaca Loca de Camino Rodriguezzzzzzzzzz can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  14. Hi, Mike! I actually read this yesterday, just before work, and I was speechless. I still am; this is really lovely. You are an amazing writer and poet. I am blessed by your presence here - thanks. Blessings to you and yours, jeannie can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  15. Hey, Debs, I miss the merry peeping of tiny toads I miss their language when the day is done The calm, cold comfort of new life that I can't possess to worship on their every note would be so comforting right now but I only hear the birds calling singing laughing at me waiting The birds, they always come first they know stuff stuff about life and moon-drops on Angels that I will only wish to feel Those crazy-loud birds flying in a way that I can only dream about and hatching a new-borne promise of enlightenment. I worry that I won't live long enough to know what the birds said about me :) can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  16. Little Girl Flying There is no mark that a skydiver leaves; no vapor trail, no tracks in the snow, no wake in the water. You would not even know we had been there if not for the blue sky that whispers of the sweet, secret, passing of souls through its magnificence. The blue sky is loud and cannot keep a secret very well from those who choose to listen. I remember every word for I have passed through that beauty. I have seen the light from other souls. I have witnessed the silent screaming of joy and I have tasted my own love. I was born here. I was a little girl with the first dawning of innocence being slowly broken by years. I wanted so much to feel the Truth. I wanted to be free and untouched by ugliness. I would sway in the tree-tops for hours, bending the branch to the very cusp of its snap. I wanted to know that God was there. I wanted everyone to know that I was not afraid. I was terrified. Not of the tree or of its branches breaking, but of living a life without hope of ever being good enough. Most of all, I wanted to be happy. The tree made me happy. The cold-metal taste of the sky made my tongue bless my ancient eyes, and the dark, secret flesh of the highest leaves caused my thighs to grab tightly. It was my new heart speaking to my aged soul. “Fly!” can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  17. That riser cover was a bitch! Always slapping my ears bloody when I didn't wear my helmet! I hope whoever I sold it to got it was an issue. Quasar II. Oh, were you talking about our unmentionables? Wink[/;)] Haven't seen Dan and KFC for a long while, I hope they're well - say "hi" to them for me if you see them! Blessed be and blue skies! can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  18. Yeah, I just saw him picking every last tomato out of my garden, but it might not have been him 'cause that guy was wearing underwear...I could tell. can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  19. AZ, and any state that shares a border with another country, should have the right to enforce federal laws already on the books - it's stupid, common, sense. The only reason this is even an issue is because our nation is so divided that pundits clutch anything within reach in order to spew there hasty, lying, rhetoric. Let's see the pundits go all scholarly on our asses and tell the f-ing truth for once...yeah, that ain't gonna happen, so the only thing to do, dears, is put on our critical thinking caps. can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  20. Hi, Gawain, Sorry it has taken so long for the response (sometimes I wish all my babberings had an e-mail ding for follow-up...). You said this: "...there are fewer and fewer credits available with each passing year. Failure to meet the reduced levels constitutes an additional tax on those entities." ...and I want to replace your words with perfect harmony by saying, "there are fewer and fewer finite resources available with each passing year. Failure to meet those levels will result in a sooner end to our world." Lemme guess: you litter and spit on flowers, too. :D Blue skies! Jeannie can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  21. Hi, just ended up back here through a link to a link and so on! Real sorry to hear about Benny; I watched your video, and he seemed like a cool and happy dog - he loved you enough to jump out a dubiously adequate airplane for you, didn't he? If all of us could find that kind of love... Blue skies, Hushpuppy, Jeannie *psst* hey, Benny, say hi to those Angels for me, wouldya? One of them needs a big wet smooch and another needs a glass of wine. can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  22. You are right on most points, but I fail to see the connection to cap and trade ( I think you misspoke when you said "cap and tax...). As I understand it, "cap and trade" is a program whereby those who utilize capped, finite, resources sell what they don't use ( their "credits" so to speak) to those companies that need a little more than the capped allowance. It is a win/win, and it will force overly consumptive companies to use their money wisely toward sustainable growth and earth-friendly consumption. How does this tie in with illegal immigrants? Thanks in advance for the clarification (I'm a learning sponge/geek), Blue skies! Jeannie can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  23. No WAY! Where at? WTF? OK, so Liz ISN"T a serial killer?? (JK, Liz)?? Theo has some 'splainin' to do... Glad to hear he's still around, though :) can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  24. I think I woke up my neighbor laughing (don't mess with my modifiers, man...) LMAO! That was a supremely cool bit of publishable writing!:D can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?
  25. A Flea and a Fly in a Flue Were imprisoned, so what could they do ? Said the Fly, " Let's Flee"! Said the Flea, " Let's Fly " ! So they Flew through a Flaw in the Flue..... So, I know, God decided to grant me a wish to never have a period again. With the granting, though, came five months of miserable hot-flashes and almost no sleep; I begged for it to end. Being the supreme granter of wishes and prayers, God decided he would heed my call after eight months. His answers never come without a price. For the first time in my life, I have serious PMS – yep, we are talking mood swings. So I cried tonight, a lot. I know why, though…I am terrified. I am thinking about the move to TN (I really should get used to spelling it with some confidence, I guess…). I am moving to Tennessee!? No way! Really? Yep. The whole thing terrifies me like the final five minutes in the plane just before going out the door on my first jump. It was almost eleven years ago, my 37th birthday, that I decided I was finally going to realize my childhood dream of flying; I was going to skydive. I went alone without telling a soul. It was all good until that last five minutes. Suddenly, I looked out the window, and the horizon was round. Why, after all the plane rides in the window seat, had I never noticed that the horizon is round at 12,000 feet? Someone opened the door, and people started actually exiting the plane into thin air. One by one - even a couple of groups - they all had big smiles on their faces and a maniacal gleam in their eyes. I was about to be sick, I just knew it, but before I could embarrass myself, I was at the door and in the pose my instructor told me to be in: arms across my chest. Upon exit, I laughed and cried at the same time, and I screamed – I am sure of it, and then I couldn’t breathe for all that wide open air. I imagined that the wind was vacuuming my heavy soul clean, and I never wanted it to end. My terror was brief. Now I have to live with the terror of newness for longer than five minutes, I have to imagine the act of falling out of my safe and comfortable place every minute of the day for every day until I make the jump. Who wouldn’t cry a little? Who wouldn’t be afraid? If I had one shred of intention of backing out of this new adventure, I would stay put, but I am Me, and I know Me, and Me is ready to move on out of this door! Eleven years to the day, almost, and I will be changing my voter registration to my new state of Tennessee and doing cartwheels in the grass and checking my altimeter for the blue mountain skies ahead. It’s gonna be petrifying, and I won’t really be able to blame God or PMS. Crap. “DOOR!” can I borrow a jump ticket real quick?