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  1. Daemia

    PD Spectre 120

    Time Left: 3 days and 21 hours

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    PD Spectre 120 DOM 04/2014 COLOR: Black-White-Lemon-Lemon-Lemon-White-Black 118 jumps keine Flicken / no patches always packed indoors, no beach landings. Perfect for wingsuiting and camera flying Wurde nur für 1,5 Jahre in meinem Zweitrig genutzt / was used only 18 month in my backup rig 1700,- € or best offer


    , Frankfurt - DE

  2. I got mine a week ago and jumped it a few times now. Compared to the Blade (1) the main differences are the bigger legwing, the new air-intakes at the front and of course the attachment system with the zippers. Attaching the suit is easy and can be done in seconds. Flying the suit is awesome, it's easy to handle and even after several flights it's not exhausting to the arms (it's even taking less effort to fly the Blade 2 than to fly a Firebird. Compared to the S6 the difference is gigantic!) Backflying works really well, too. I'm really enthusiatic about the new Blade and I can definetely recommend it
  3. Actually i did read the thread (though I didn't get that you contacted Argus directly, sorry for that), but if not even the Argus representative answered your question here in a way of "yes or no", who should? By the way, imho getting no direct reply of a manufacturer of a life-saving-device when asking a question about that device does not make a very good impression...
  4. Just ask Argus - they probably can...
  5. I visited Fehrbellin in September 2008 for the first time, and I can strongly recommend it - we really enjoyed skydiving there! The landing area is large enough, no obstacles. A swoop pond is also available but not constraining the other landings. The packing area in the main hangar is huge, no waiting time here at all. The aircraft (a Cessna Grand Caravan) carries 18 skydivers up to 4000m (13.000 ft) within less than 20 minutes. Therefore we had very little waiting time for the next load. The atmosphere was great, staff was very friendly and helpful, and we met a lot of nice people to jump with. There's a large campground and a small bunkhouse (4 beds available, basic functional furniture). All sanitary facilities were new and very clean - very pleasant! We will definetely come back this year.
  6. Daemia

    Skydive Spain

    I've been there last year for one week, but I was a quite disappointed... The Aircraft Do 28 (G.92) was quite comfortable, very good in climb and always went up to 4500 m (about 15000 ft). The coffeeshop at the dropzone offered tasty coffee and snacks at reasonable prices, staff there was very friendly. The packing area indoor was comfortable and large enough. But there were things, that I definitely did not like, first of all the landing area, which was quite large, but which had a very hard, dry surface. A deep ditch goes right trough it, and there is a huge metal arrow on it, which has to be turned to show the wind direction by a guy observing the wind at the landing area. Then there's a barbed wire fence around the landing area with just 2 gates, which means a long walk after an outside landing, which was not ununsual due to the local landing procedures, which by the way were not mandatory to local skygods, of course. We had up to 2 hours waiting time for the next load, as only one DO was flying. Double ticketing was not possible, except for teams and the local skydiving school, so at least half of the slots were blocked already. In March we had quite strong wind, minimum jumps to get into the air often were between 200 and 500 jumps. On Sunday it was announced, that there will be no skydiving at all next 3 days due to military activity. Sanitary facilities were horrible and nauseous and partly not even working. The so called daily cleaning was poor and not worth mentioning it. All in all skydiving itself was ok (when you got onto the plane finally), but next time, I will go somewhere else.