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  1. Dude, you so owe beer for your 1st dz.com post. I'm waiting... Livin' the Dream
  2. If it is, tell him there's nothing in the Beer Rules that lets him skip out on the Beer he still owes us in Cal City just because the place closes! He still has to pay up!!*** Yeah, yeah, I know. Next month when I'm out there I'll pay up. Again, you're the only guy who calls someone on beer from 2000 miles away. It's quite a unique gift you have. I'm still trying to find a way to steal a beer truck and not get kicked out the Navy... But back to Cal City stories, Tim, what about all of Geoffrey's Mikey-isms? You probably remember more than me, but I'll start it off: Mikey: Man, there's no one here today! Tim: Then why did you just have to share a seatbelt for takeoff? After much laughing at his expense, Mikey responds: Man, fuck you guys. You know what I mean. Livin' the Dream
  3. Using the search function will give you directions to some real good DZs in the mid-atlantic region but none are really near Annapolis. It sounds like you want one real close and that's never going to happen due to the ADIZ around DC and the Class Bravo airspace around the 3 major airports there. If you look on a sectional, you'll see how busy that airspace is and the airspace above Annapolis only extends to 4200 or 4500 feet before you're in BWI's airspace. That's why the closest DZs are quite a drive from Annapolis, Orange to the south and Delmarva and Cross Keys to the north all have otters. Livin' the Dream
  4. Hey Psycho, I just learned today that I'm staying here for intermediate and more importantly, this beach boogie thing everyone's talking about. You missed my killer sunset swoop of your pond on Saturday too. You gonna be out tomorrow for some Friday jumps? Livin' the Dream
  5. Those are the times where the drogue does nothing for you and thus the main explodes on deployment, hopefully acting like a big enough drogue so you can then pull your reserve at a decent freefall speed. Your a sick man Psycho... Livin' the Dream
  6. Nothing like putting a tandem in the Psycho swoop pond. Livin' the Dream
  7. Hey Psycho can I swoop your pond? Livin' the Dream
  8. I wonder about that guy every day. Luckily he works in the middle of nowhere were he can't really hurt anybody. And what's even better is he's saying shit like that every weekend. By the way, how's things about there? I'll make it out when I build up some leave and I'm not busy with school. Livin' the Dream
  9. Aren't they those little pure-sugar chickens people eat around Easter? And I heard the jumping is good at Emerald Coast too. Livin' the Dream
  10. It would help if they updated the website on a regular basis too. That would attract more than just us local jumpers if they offered discounted licensed jumps, load organizing and discounted tandems, etc. and then post it on the website and in the newsletter online. Livin' the Dream