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  1. dan_iv

    coffee before jumping?

    more pleasent coffee research results. http://www.dominicantoday.com/app/article.aspx?id=9163 TORONTO.– Six or more cups of coffee a day may dramatically cut the risk of breast cancer by as much as 70 percent among women with one of the gene mutations linked to an very high risk of the disease, a new study shows.
  2. dan_iv

    I love wingsuit hop-n-pops

    just curious what was your average vertical decent rate and pull altitude on those jumps?
  3. dan_iv

    Dropzones in Oklahoma?

  4. dan_iv

    Keeping your A lisence

    from what I understand you have to keep current, so yes, but I dont' think you loos your license if you dont' stay current but i'm sure you would have to go through some sort of currency dive w/ coach or instructor to have them check you out to make sure your good.... that and I'm sure different DZ's have different polocies about this type of stuff...
  5. dan_iv

    7 cell or 9 cell...that is the question?

    try a search clicky here
  6. this sounds like fun, the chief AFFI told me about it last weekend, and I"m hoping to attend...
  7. first, if you weigh 115 and your going to jump a 135 your WL will be around 1.0:1. Second i'm sure everyone here will tell you to step down, atleast put a few on a 190 170 150 before you loose 65sqft of material...
  8. dan_iv

    Any DZs near Bakersfield, CA?

  9. dan_iv

    Most Memorable Advice

    so far mine is my AFFI sticking his tongue out at me while giving me the relax signal on my AFFL-4 jump.