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  1. I see this as an issue with jumpers in general that do HPL's. I am mindful that not all jumpers are swoopers. I have personally seen a much higher number of injuries among jumpers that do HPL's than ones that don't. I have seen someone turn his canopy perpendicular to the ground at less than 50 feet in a area where there were already numerous jumpers landing and gathering their gear. When I remarked about how he should be careful I got attitude. "Don't put your limitations on me". Though I applaud his obvious skill and finesse as a canopy pilot, I strongly disagree with the chosen time and place. I have seen numerous almost in air and on ground collisions, on ground collisions, one in air collision, numerous jumpers getting cut off all by HPL jumpers. I see a definite trend. Though most HPL jumpers do not have this person's attitude, most feel it is their right to do HPL's. I totally agree with Billvon's post option 1 and think representatives from all disciplines should be chosen to decide on an update to the BSR regarding HPL's I have lost 2 friends, had several friends injured, and seen numerous other jumpers nearly injured or killed. I am personally shocked that the HPL's jumpers were not the first to propose safety changes and in some cases are fighting them. Even after the recent deaths, the behaviors continue to cause injury and death. I see this now as a case as "You won't clean up your house, so we will do it for you." I teach safety in another industry. I repeatedly tell my students 2 things: 1. The only good safety device is between your ears. 2. If you are not always thinking about safety, you are not being safe, just lucky. We need to do something now and Billvon's group has mad a good start. I like term non-standard landings. If we can separate freeflyers from rw'rs and rw'rs from wingsuit flyers by jump order. I am sure we can put our collective intelligences together to address this issue. "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  2. !@##$%$%#@@$$#!!!!!!!!! I jumped with Bob a few times. He was a great mentor. Blue Skies "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  3. Enjoyed seeing everyone and getting some good jumps in. Thanks to Trey and All the SDA staff for the hard work. Tammy and Scotty: thanks for the great food. Thanks to Skydive Deland for the use of the Otter. Special thanks to, Sunpath, and Skydive Radio for sponsoring the Salsa. Pics can be found at: "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  4. Driving up from Orlando Friday after work. Have room and will share ride. Yes, I am bringing Salsa and LOTS of chips. There will be really hot stuff (Green) and Murder/Death/Kill stuff (Warning, Danger Will Robinson!!) (Orangeish) on the side. "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  5. Contact Scott Miller. He is one of the best. His training saved my ass several times. He travels and may be in your area soon. "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  6. I have been incarcerated in a mexican prison for trying to smuggle special peppers out of mexico for a boogie... Medium Salsa will be provided Green(hot) and yellow(Deadly) will be on the side "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  7. I'm in if I can get a ride from Orlando. Yes, there will be plenty of Salsa adventurechick avalonwings brierebecca carbonezone (scotty, tami, herc, tommy & boogie) CG chaoskitty Cora (McDuck's) CSpenceFLY(with the Hog Flop Trophy) dzmemories Goofyjumper fmmobley hisgoofyness hottielicious Icon134 jeiber - probably Jessie07 Katz kelel01 Lauraliscious littleskycrab livendive McDuck mindway69 Missg8tordivr (hopefully ) MLKSKY namgrunt nanner ncfitzge ntacfreefly popsjumper (straight from the Hog Flop) Salsa SimplyputSI Skinnyshrek skyedivr teamjenn1 tmaricle55 yardhippie Mostly_Harmless +10 "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  8. I will be there with Salsa. Skygirlpc psychobob hushpuppy johnny rkymthhigh ducky69 lauraliscious Popsjumper blair700 chuck leapdog Chaoskitty (probably) vdschoor (hopefully!) jeiber (hopefully) Salsa John Beach= "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  9. Ditto... The live band was phenominal! Definately a must do next year! Thanks! "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  10. "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  11. Who wants Salsa? need to know how much to make... Who's bringing chips? Amanduh Agcskyharley (Waldo) bdbrown Becca BellyFlyer1985 BigM BillyVance (maybe) blueskyserenity Bolas? Bomb Squad Boomer & Chris ccowden Chaoskitty CieloDiosa CrazyRick crutch & Tammie CSpenceFly and Mrs. RoamingDZ (aka, Julie) Darkwing Dave Waters David King dbattman and a shovel Dokeman FlyDoc Fmmobley freefalle freelyflyn71 Gemini Gia Goofyjumper hisgoofyness HellaMannn Hushpuppy Icon134 Jeffskydiver & Connie jelloJ Jerry Fields? Jessie07 JGarcia jumpingbean001 Jumpchikk jumpergirl katiebear21 Keith Kramer Larry Thomas Lauraliscious Lisamarie Lister55 LoudDan marks McDuck & BoomBoom mcneill79 Micduran midnightrider Missg8tordivr monkycndo MOUTH Namgrunt Nanner Nate_1979 ncfitge oozzee Pendejo & 1snowangel philly51 Pincheck Popsjumper Psycho Bob & Patty Pyke RastaRicanAir Red Rocket ReLLik revillusion Rick Rookie120 Sabre2190 Salsa John Scotty Carbone selbbub78 skinnyshrek Skychick312 Skymama? skymonkeyONE Stl135 Superman32 Tami Carbone teamjenn1 The_Don & Jeannier UpNDown whodamiss Wildcard451 Wingnut wonderhog woodpecker vdschoor XenaSwampJumper Yardhippie & Hottieliscious "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  12. I'll be there with Salsa. Klingeme Jguy904 Jeffallen Alw RkyMtnHigh Squirell1 The111 MattFallsFast Salsa John "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  13. Autumn said yesterday there will be a 4th otter and a Helo. I sent out the word to someone I know with a balloon. No promises on the balloon. A friend of mine will be flying Trikes and Gyro-copters on the other side of the airport and may stop by. ===================================== We can only hope------ the back ups yesterday and today were incredible. The third otter was running from lunch time on and helped a little. A fourth plane would give them some breathing room. "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  14. That is one of the concerns I had before I bought my rig. I went with a Vector for that reason and others "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  15. mine is Flourescent orange and yellow with white. I chose it for visibility. My reserve is flourescent orange. I thought this would be a good Idea since I jump at a flight school. It did pay off once... "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  16. I have a Z1. It is comfortable and the visor is rigid. The latch is secure and easy to open even with gloved hands. It has 2 pockets for Audibles. "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  17. True hopnpop 2 sec delay. the pc stretched the bridle immediately. I fell for about 4 secs before the pc pulled the pin. the canopy took about 10 secs to fully open. I pulled high because I wanted to practice my canopy skills. It was my first pack job in a corn field. Wanted extra time in case of mal. It was really cool. "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  18. hopnpop at 6k. I did just this. It was wild! I could feel everything. I felt the PC "in tow". I felt the pin pull and the bag deploy. what a rush! "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  19. QuoteCSpenceFLY & The RoamingDZ plus a few quarts of Peach Mountain Dew Mrs Popsjumper Katiebear, SkymonkeyONE and DaGimp in "The Monkey Mansion" MOUTH Psycho Bob & Psycho Patty (My wife) RkyMtnHigh stl135... Wonderhog... Thanatos340 Skymama jumpchikk Jumpnkramer Goofyjumper Skinnyshrek and his "Den of Iniquity" Flytex revillusion Skychick312 & Avalonwings Lauralicious Skyjenb Skydivermandy and Dave Darkwing Nut n lucky Dbattman (tentative) Icon134 micduran,with her new camper Chaoskitty Pyke Yardhippe & Redhot wife (maybe) FrogLady PSW097 missg8tordivr NYBryan selbbub78 ncfitzge Jumpingbean001 FoxyRoxtail + hubby The_Don & jeannier Rick Kris & Dagny Scotty C. Tami C. Bobster Salsa John with Super Salsa and Green FIRE "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  20. Beauty! "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  21. Why I bought a Vector. in no particular order except for 1 - 4 1. skyhook 2. Short main closing loop - less to get caught up on something though unlikely 3. thoroughly protects bridle from pin to boc 4. The way the main and reserve flaps close 5. Comfort 6. Customer service - the best in my book 7. Wide chest strap - holds better and is more comfortable. 8. Bill has done a lot to increase safety in the sport (he gets nothing for developing the 3ring release/BOC/etc) 9. Other rigs copy Vector features - why get a copy when I can have the original? note: not knocking any other rigs "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  22. I mentioned no names. The "you" was used as a general term. I support his right to his opinion but at some point you have to say this is not serving the greater good. (the mods did issue warnings) The community at large would have been better served if the comments were kept on the positive side. note: positive does not mean supporting one view over any other. I agree. And as such we should not be discussing it. This serves no purpose other than to inflame the issue and create hurt feelings. I don't think we should be debating guilt or innocence nor it's meaning here. I close by saying negativity is sometimes best kept to PM's. Other's opinions are just at important as anyone else's but we really need to think of how we can best support the ones REALLY involved in this tragedy. Blues to all, John "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  23. There is much more going on with this than many of you know. I know some of it but will not say due to the ongoing investigation. I will say I support Rhonda and her support of Bill. I do not think she is being emotional or blindly loyal by telling it as she sees it. Many opinions are based on fact. As to the comments of some others, maybe you should listen more and talk less. Besides you denigrate this horrible tragedy by dragging this thread into the muck. I think the mods should lock this thread as it does not seem to have a good purpose. "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  24. Wayne, Thanks for a fabulous time. The view was awesome. I got to really practice my flying skills. I enjoyed being part of the group. Blues, JOhn "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez
  25. Salsa John was there too and had a blast. The food was great. Thanks robbie for the music. Hans thanks for the party. Blues, John "You did what?!?!" MUFF #3722, TDSM #72, Orfun #26, Nachos Rodriguez