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  1. good grief, and every utterance from the Dem side of politics is just full of tolerance and sense isnt it? if you cherry pick long enough, apply broad labels long enough, you can "prove" anything you like. But only if you are that dumb.
  2. The law didnt stop it, the populations willingness to comply with the law stopped, if you beleive anything was stopped. You woud never get that kind of compliance in the US and frankly I doubt your LEOs would even try to enforce it. In reality gun related deaths were on a slow downward path in any case before the changes, that has just continued including the Port Arthur tragedy. At a personal level as a shooter , I have no great problem with our gun laws and I think they are good insurance. I dont however hold them up as anything that would work in the US. Different culture, mindset and the gun availability horse has long bolted. regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  3. What does the Bureau of Land Management have to do with it? Funny. 102 people wounded...15 die and you make a joke. Bet you wouldn't be so sarcastic if you knew any of them. Perhaps you should be specific. The only BLM I know is the Bureau of Land management. Chicago legalizes gun ownership in 2013, Illinois allows concealed carry in 2014, and SURPRISE, the rate of shootings goes up in 2016 and 2017 after decades of decline. Yes sure thats it, its all those legal gun owners and CCW people running rampant isnt it? There was a decade of decline and then flat for decade, cause /effect? I guess you can fashion any story that suits your politics. regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  4. yarpos

    The RSL and Skyhook Debate

    Doesnt seem like much of a debate, feelings and imaginings vs actual performance. Thus has it ever been. Use or do not use, does it really matter?
  5. Purchased and watched a DVD copy last week. Many great memories triggered from the skydiving footage of that era. I dont think they downplayed the BASE dangers, they just didnt go there. The movie was more about Carl and Jean, and less about the technicalities of BASE. regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  6. You can keep stable in freefall actually. Look around at people on the dropzone.....anyone got feathers, secret extendable appendages??? Look a lot like you dont they? its only in your head and you need to do lots of what John Mitchell said above. regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  7. a major supermarket in Oz managed to design, print, distrubute and display a sales promotion label " normally $2 , now $1 40% off!" the fate of mankind as predicted in the movie Idiocracy is well under way....... regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  8. footage on the news here (I guess generic wire service stuff) of people running through the terminal away from the scene.....one lady not running too fast in case she spilled her coffee. Amazing what people do under pressure. regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  9. Every time I read about something he said, I must ask: "Is the Pope still Catholic?" He's a Jesuit......Catholic Special Forces regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  10. Yeah, why?. Hand in your man card. Oprah is a beacon of intellectual excellence in the barren wasteland that is Oz TV, she is a godess, my hero. or I saw her on the news when she came here, wondered why all the local women where screaming, then they showed excerpts from the show in the US where she gave away the tickets ...... more screaming. They appear to have learnt thats what you do, in the presence of the great lady. She must be like CEOs who tour their offices around the world and always smelling fresh paint, wherever she goes people scream. regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  11. agree they are not real, but they do provide windows into cultures and attitudes. If you watch movies made , and culturally identifiable as say French, British , Scandinavian you see threads of behavior good and bad that carry through to the real world. Maybe I just watching to much B grade crap. Not sure how you get to "hell hole of cultural depravity" from a question about volume levels. Traveled to the US often and enjoyed lots of it and challenged by other parts. regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  12. hi andy, from oz regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  13. Why is it ,in American movies, that as soon as there is the slightest moment of pressure or tension people are screaming at one another? Why is it audiences of oprah and simiilar are always shrieking in adulation? Never noticed it so much when travelling there except in the " Look at me! Look at me!" places like la and nyc where 100 db restaurants seem common. Just wondering......... regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was
  14. I owned and enjoyed an AK for a few years (legally, not in my home country, blah blah) and that looks very realistic down to safety/semi/full auto lever, mag release , sights. For me only the screws in the side of the butt are initial clues that its not real, especially if its anything near full scale. If someone wheeled around with that in their hands I would feel in danger. Add local context and its easy to see why the kid got shot, sadly. regards, Steve the older I get...the better I was