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  1. WTF does "urban" parachuting discipline mean?
  2. yarpos

    The RSL and Skyhook Debate

    Doesnt seem like much of a debate, feelings and imaginings vs actual performance. Thus has it ever been. Use or do not use, does it really matter?
  3. is the person of average weight as well (whatever average means in your country)......if I was making a really rough guess I would say 15 to 20 fps , so 30 secs under canopy would be maybe 450 to 600ft.....he would have been the guy with the big eyes when you picked him up
  4. yarpos

    main & Reserve help

    basic answer is yes, simliar size reserve smaller options later...maybe...if you feel the need and once you build experience , skill and understand better the risks you are taking by going down that path....a path which is really really unecessary right now
  5. yarpos

    "pigmee" owner manual?

    you might try contacts listed at parachutesaustralia.com also please refer to parachutesaustralia.com/s2/SB/PASB9502.pdf re service life (thats antique stuff)
  6. yarpos

    Main canopy

    Assume you are a new or soon to be jumper. For a new jumper 135sq ft at 175lbs (close to 200 geared up) is life threatening stuff. OK to dream about the future .....but talk to your DZ instructors about realistic first steps. regards Steve
  7. look forward to it. Ive never met Nick as I am in another hemisphere....but he seems to give a lot to skydiving and BASE and importantly (to me at least) he honours the men and women whose shoulders we stand on everyday
  8. yarpos

    Melbourne, Australia?

    yep, you have a question? steve
  9. yarpos

    PF Pants/Jacket first impressions

    sounds impressive.....can you talk a bit more about the body position you used, I am interested as I am a similar physical size to you, and also interested in this gear or the pressurised suit.... thanks, Steve
  10. yarpos

    Troll MDV terminal

    hi wouldnt robert and kathy at Morpheus be your best source for this? I have an MDV troll on order and expect to be working through this and other questions in the coming months (after I RTFM) . They are helpful folks, at least in my brief experience. take care, Steve
  11. yarpos

    Do you think skydiving is safe?

    safer than BASE sure, safe to the point that you can dick around, not pay attention to the game and expect to get away with it continually? no
  12. felicitations Julien great story, thanks for sharing it in English Steve