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    This is where I started and it's a really cool place to practice skydiving: everything is impeccable; instructors are friendly (Claude's quite known for his farts!); the cafeteria has a respectable menu with good pricing (especially if you're staying the night), and the general ambiance is pretty cool! ... and did I mention the World's Silver medalists for 2004 in many categories have their base here???
  2. I was there in july 2004 and, overall, I had a really great time there! Ok, so the camping area is badly managed by the Dutch (which might come to your advantage, as did with me); the hangar is poorly equiped and the Technical Director is an a**hole big time!! Instructors are So occupied they hardly even check up on you -even regulations wise- and there's NO such thing as cooperation between the Dutch and the French. But once you get 'up there', everything changes and you can't remember any of the hassles on the ground which, unfortunately, only lasts about 20 minutes. The town is damned cool, but be sure to go with a good friend (if you're there alone: it sucks!; if you're there with your girlfriend, you'll miss out on a lot! (as did I... ) If you finally decide to get down there, do pay a visit to the near-by attractions and buy lots of wine... it's delicious! et bon voyage...