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  1. "...I could pay less amount of money doing it in Korea..." I am really curious where in Korea (are talking about the South one?) you could pay less? Where in South Korea you could skydive at all if nearly whole SK airspace is controlled by military (SK and US)? Even US Special Forces in SK jump occasionly. I am looking for contacts with SK skydivers. Your assistance would be highly appreciated. Blue Sky
  2. "I've heard of 5 in a 182 and 6 in a 206 here in Australia, to both of which I say "fuck that""... I am sorry for saing that, but on this forume we would like to hear something more convenient at "the fuck it". I worked in the Land of Ozz and jumped C-182 with 5 jumpers (2 tandems + cameraman). Neither pilots nor skydivers compained about it. If you would consider the weight of seats and interior that were taken off for a skydiving conversion, you would easily find out that that weight would be equal to a weight of one extra skydiver. The Take Off Weight is the matter, everything else is the BS. Blue Sky
  3. Well, in 1981 I graduated Moscow Aviation Technology Institute (it was the USSR equivalent of University). I gave up the carier of a rocketier in favor of skydiving. I became the professional plower of the sky. 30+ years past, I am reading about people of my edge that became successful designers, businesman, generals or politiciants. I am asking myself cound I be one of them? The history does not know any IF or MAYBE. So, I am just some guy with 16000+ jumps head down toward the Mother-Earth. Blue Sky
  4. Thanks for such post. I am totally agree-any hospitality related business starts from toilet (no matter how aukward does this sound).
  5. Robbers want you valet or life, women want both. (C) :) Do not worry abot blown away sign and money, just have fun. Live your every day as it is a last one. (C) :))) If she was with you in DZ, maybe it is not a dead end for your skydiving. :) Happy Wedding! Blue Sky
  6. Because jump from a pilot door would lead into meens machine (a prop). Jump from a cargo door requires a lot of speed and agility to reach it. :) Blue Sky
  7. Hi Cracky, Guys with pilot experience said their word and it was well based. I am starting new skydiving operation on small island in Pacific. We are looking for a pilot with skydiving experience. The aircraft will be Piper Cherokee-6. The part time job with very busy local carrier can be arranged. If you are interested, e-mail me: Blue Sky
  8. Be merciful on Russian reporters. They have right to not be aware about skydiving in general and international skydiving in particular. Just bread and butter, nothing personal. :) Being Russian skydiver with USSR roots, I am glad that Russia finally was able to produce enough skyladies for such event. We all will benefit from it. Blue Sky
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