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  1. I was land to takeoff (start area) after 10 min soaring with 12-14 m/s wind. In calm i'm land to buttom of slope with full wing stop and after this my passenger stay on ground. With ski we have symmetric touching during ride and i'm get brakes to passenger and control him hand's Mountian Fly School
  2. Wing: AEROS BerCut 18 (190ft) Wind: morning breeze 12 m/s Total weight: 145 kg (320 Lbs) SpeedRiding tandem with BerCut 15 (160 ft) in our new movie: SF tandem - best way for review of sport and training for zero experienced students. Mountian Fly School
  3. it's some more wide wing than GLX, our aspect ratio is 2.81 2.5% thinner than JVX profile and more acute. Ballistic has rigidity on nervures near nose as paraglide. They provide an opportunity to inflate the wing without sticking the nose. It's a matherial of Porcher Marine and usualy use for hanggliding surface. Mountian Fly School
  4. Hi Marks! We use JVX and VX basic geometry as guideline for chord and span, but use our design to aspect ratio. We also set profile when we get guideline between GLX and Velo. It's very similiar to JVX, but only by photos. You can look "how this wing inflate in calm conditions" with semi-close nose: We use one of the best paragliding matherial for surface: Pocher Sport, and paragliding lines - Technora 1.5mm. I have few wings wich i use during year - it's still in very good conditions. Mountian Fly School
  5. Another geometry of profile and span, skin matherial, lines matherial. It's the speedflying/speedriding wing only. Mountian Fly School
  6. Year in air! Mountian Fly School
  7. YEP! Concact with Yoink; Mountian Fly School
  8. That is cover all without jumping from aircraft. Mountian Fly School
  9. Ground launching - it's method of foot or ski launching skydiving canopy or special wing small wing. SpeedFlying - european name of flying with small wings. BladeRunning - competition discipline, american name, slalom or curving between gates during fly down near slope. Athletes can launch from ground by foot or from snow with ski (SpeedRiding, also european name) and go to gates or jump from aircraft under top of mountian and go to slope gates. SpeedGliding - also as bladerunning, but it's competition between hang gliders. SpeedGlider - european name of small special wing for speedriding or speedflying. Mountian Fly School
  10. This sport require exellent freeriding experience. Good freeride ski and equip. Competition area - non ratrack piste, far from skiers, etc. It's olny winter sport This competition include athletes from different sports: skiers only, paragliders only, paragliders/skiers, skydivers, skydivers/skiers. It's fear for some paragliders, but they have more windconditions and aerology experience, than skiers or skydivers. Bladerunning forever! No ski, no slope contact and max gate height 1.5m for pro class Mountian Fly School
  11. Hi Adam! Special for you: Ballistic 85 I maked this launch near landing zone today for video. Mountian Fly School
  12. Is it official competitions? Are they take part without paragliding licenses? 3rd or 2nd??? Do you mean SpeedFlyingPro in France? I think, "skydivers group" will win this event. Mountian Fly School
  13. You can view how ballistic inflate between velo's. Thanks to my austrian friend Michael for this video! Mountian Fly School
  14. Kevin, what do you think about class of this wing? HP or Ultra-HP? Mountian Fly School