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  1. http://www.skydivejeffreysbay.co.za/experienced/
  2. I just did a test filming outside using my tandem template. With the go pro 3 on 1280 by 720 (lowest possible resolution) and 1920 by 1080. I honestly can't tell a difference. Just means faster rendering time if its less data. Might be different with a sony camera that allows 720 by 576 though.
  3. I emailed Jimmy Slaton to order an JVX 75 all sail. He says they do not make all sails anymore. Am I the first to hear of this? Is the comp velo the best option then?
  4. Looking for good quality swooping videos. CPC 2005 on skydivingmovies is one of the best. Not one of those edited movies which is 5 minutes, has a lot of slow mo and actually only shows 10 swoops. Can't somebody put every years CPC in raw footage on skydivingmovies? You guys know of any good videos which are great to watch and learn from?
  5. rakkers

    Gath Hat

    Not comfortable. Won't keep your head warm. Won't protect much. Irritates your ears. Save up and buy a better one.
  6. rakkers


    The only thing this optima does not do is record your jumps, but that is of no benefit to you when you are in the sky anyway. Who cares if you jumped at 12800 or 13000ft? In the plane I was with a girl and a guy who also had optima's (3 optima's). We put them next to each other and they read the exact same altitude (per 10ft!). As the plane climbed, all the altitudes changed simulataneously. This is an accurate auidible which gives you many options of when you want your free fall and canopy warnings to go off. I recommend it to any skydiver, not just swoopers.
  7. Hey Chris I think you are absolutely right. Most people relate anything you can do in skydiving as to how many jumps you have - this is an important factor but it does determine how good you are. Thats like saying football players with the most games under their belts are the best. What about some of the newbies that come in and are on fire? I only have 190 jumps and have gone GL. You have the right approach. Make sure you are comfortable with your canopy (glides, flat turns, stall points, rear riser techniques etc) and research how objects influnce wind currents etc. With your attitude I'm sure you will make an excellent ground lancher. Sunny skies Alexis[email]
  8. Hey homer I went ground launching yesterday for pretty the first time. I tried it once before but only got like 5 seconds. It was a small hill. I also have a hornet 170 and am loaded at 1.2. Anyways, I'm in South Africa and went off this bushy hill that gets really steep. The wind was about 5mph coming straight up the hill. Conditions were perfect. I got some friends to lay out the canopy so to get the cells inflated asap. I ran and got it up with the brakes all the way up. Then at the ledge I pushed the toggles a little past half brakes, took of and began flying. Soon after I let the brakes up to half brakes. I had about 25 seconds! It was awesome. I crash landed into these soft bushes. It was really fun. Do try it but sure the winds are not gusty and not to strong. Sunny skies Alexis[email]Quote