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  1. Jumping every day. MI-8 helicopter. Jump along with rental and laying costs about $ 50. If you jump with your system, then $ 30. Rent from 120 to 280 feet. If you come back home through the US. Don't take with itself the Cuban cigars. Don't take with itself anything Cuban. There can be a trouble in US.
  2. Nelyubin

    N3A accuracy

    This device often shows that he wants to, and not in reality.
  3. Nelyubin

    Skydiving in Russia?

    In Aerograd there are no problems. Call during time specified by a site.
  4. Nelyubin

    Ghostplane pics?

    Do not know much English. If understood correct, you are interested in separation from the airplane?
  5. Nelyubin

    Eiff classic line trim

    A line of "A" from 3,10 m to 3,23 m. The difference of "A-B" may be 17-22 sm, the difference of "B-C" 'may be 30-38 sm, its "A-D" may be 90-100 sm. "ears" is not less than the length of the main series, for example, 0, +2, +4, +8. Note, the size depends on the area of the dome and weight skydiver. Better to ask the manufacturer.
  6. Nelyubin

    Canopy logoes in Europe

    Russia - Europe? For you. If - yes. Then you here.
  7. Nelyubin

    Analyze This ...

    You're kidding?
  8. Nelyubin

    Russian gear (flamingo)

    Read here Similar to Safir-2