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  1. Jumping every day.
    MI-8 helicopter.
    Jump along with rental and laying costs about $ 50. If you jump with your system, then $ 30.
    Rent from 120 to 280 feet.

    If you come back home through the US. Don't take with itself the Cuban cigars. Don't take with itself anything Cuban.
    There can be a trouble in US.

  2. What are you so worried?
    The change applies only to the functionality Vigil users of new devices.
    Therefore, management should have changes or additions to these users.
    It was logical to place the information on changes to the site Vigil.
    Change the instructions are not the best option. Many devices has never been sent to update the program.

  3. Quote

    All units sold or delivered since then were accompanied by “A Reminder to be Vigil-ant” flyer (see attachment). In this flyer we ask you to ALWAYS manually shut down your Vigl at the end of the day, and before leaving the Drop Zone!
    If these recommandations are followed, there will be no difference between all the versions before and after the change. We therefore did not change the manual, as we wanted to prevent people to reading a new version of the manual for an older unit that was made before SN 26176 and having an "Airborne" issue.

  4. Quote

    The display head is (according to the test document that Airtec published) tested for ESD and if the ESD takes out the display unit, the testing shows that the control unit continues to function. As I don't know the nature of this particular issue, I cannot tell if the discharges taking out the device has been done on the main unit or the display, but given Airtecs comment on closed vs open rigg, I can only assume that the main issue was the control unit

    ;) There is no control unit (the separate module).
    There is a button of remote control.

  5. :)
    CYPRES 2 User's Guide English 1-2012

    CYPRES, which is the acronym of „CYbernetic
    Parachute RElease System“, is an automatic activation
    device which meets all needs, requirements,
    and desires of today‘s skydivers. Once it
    is installed, you can‘t hear it, you can‘t feel it and
    you can‘t see it.
    The operation is easy: If you jump from your DZ
    into your DZ just switch it on prior to the first
    jump of the day and then forget about it.* It is not
    necessary to switch it off, because CYPRES will
    do this itself.

  6. Quote

    It has been done by Airtec for the last 20 years"

    "Meanwhile 19 years 3 months and 20 days later over 220,000 cutters have been manufactured and used "out in the field". Over 95 million jumps have been made using the CYPRES cutter. Still under the strict quality regulations layed down for the first cutter's by the 3 guys that designed it. With the advancement of technology in other area's even more quality regulations had been layed into place. Every CYPRES cutter is still generated under laboratory conditions, x ray ed, checked and tested by a number of individuals."

    Nice slogan. Nothing more.
    Look on page 175. For a machine. When did the machine flies. Who done.

  7. Airtek can not answer the question as a short circuit causes actuation cartridge. They gave a very incompetent response.
    As for my example.
    The device (Cypres-2) is not turned off and showed "0". The unit was sent to the manufacturer. I know three (Cypres-2) more such cases.
    I think it wrong to consider the problem of a single device. Exactly the same problem in other devices.

  8. Quote

    Wow so the dealer was taking the new cutters and replacing them with out of date cutters? Scary as no one would know unless soemthing happened as who checks the serial number except the rigger putting it in andi if that rigger is the dealer as well....Lots of questions in that report.

    CYPRES 2 User’s Guide, page 25:

    1. CYPRES 1 field replaceable cutters (no aluminum
    grip) can be used with CYPRES 2. They
    will function properly, however this combination
    is not water-resistant.
    CYPRES 2 cutters (identified by aluminum grip)
    can be used with any CYPRES 1 with the field
    replaceable cutter connector. They function
    properly - but this combination is not waterresistant.




    d. AAD Installation. The FAA approves the installation (addition of pockets, channels,
    guides, etc., required for the AAD to be assembled in the parachute container) of each
    make/model AAD as part of the paperwork that is submitted by the parachute manufacturer
    during the TSO approval. Complete installation in consultation with, and with the approval of,
    the AAD manufacturer.
    The retrofit installation, or installation of a make or model AAD other
    than those specifically approved for a particular TSO or Military Specifications
    (MIL-SPEC)-approved parachute, constitutes an alteration to that parachute (see paragraph 16).

    a. Reserve Parachutes.

    (4) AADs must be maintained in accordance with the AAD manufacturer’s instructions
    and service requirements.
    Since when a rigger packs a reserve parachute the rigger is only
    certifying that it meets all safety requirements on the day it is packed, riggers should note any
    maintenance or battery replacement due date(s) on the packing data card so that users are able to
    determine AAD airworthiness and ensure conformance to the regulations. (See §§ 105.43(c) and
    105.45(b)(3).) AADs are to be installed as per the parachute manufacturer’s instructions.(5) Only the rigger who did the packing, and whose seal is removed to permit scheduled
    or unscheduled maintenance or repairs to the reserve container, may open, re-close, and re-seal it
    (for example, AAD service or closing loop adjustment) within the 180-day or 60-day period in
    subparagraph 14a(3).

  10. Quote

    We will have our own disc in the future but we have no objection that you use the Cypres disc.
    There is also no influence of it to the used AAD and is completely independent of it.

    We stay at your entire disposal for any further information you may require

    Best regards

    Edwin Bollaerts
    Project Manager

    AAD nv/sa
    193, Bld A.Reyers
    1030 Brussels - BELGIUM
    T: +32 (0)2 732 65 52
    F: +32 (0)2 736 06 27


    Like mentioned in our manual (page 9) we have also no objection to use Dyneema, Spectra or Cypres loops.

    Best regards