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  1. As usual I have to apologize if I've told this before on here...ole dewd-itce has set in. Jumping in Magee Ms early 80's. I think their student rigs were Russian Paps. Anywho....I'm in a gentle descent one day right over the peas, around 40-50 ft I just -stopped - coming down. My brother was sitting up against the FBO building. He got up outta the chair, walked over to the edge of the peas looked up an asked "are 'ya gonna come down?" I told him "believe me, I'm trying"...couple seconds later the elevator cranked back up and set me softly down. I was one of those 230-240 lb fellers...so that whole "soft landing" thing was a miracle
  2. You have received all the advice you need, jez wanted to share this pic. Pulled into a parking lot one day right next to this "scoot". Took a pic...when I came out of the store the lady who owned the scooter was taking a pic of my bike and said "when she grows up, she wants to be just like that!"
  3. Me too...eight years ago got a call at work that the house was on fire. Sucked wholesale losing 20 years worth of pic's...sucked worse losing our cat Garcia. Had a bunch of the pic's scanned and backed up on a disc...the disc in a drawer right under the PC ...that burned to the ground. Learned that lesson the hard way.
  4. You can put lipstick on a Concrete Rebound Hammer, but its still just a Concrete Rebound Hammer.
  5. AMEN Jim! Never hear stories anymore of people waking up on the floor of the manifest shack with Chet P sweeping around their head. Thanks Chet, made the early bird load that day!
  6. How did the return trip work out Jim? (or are'ya still out there ride'n?)
  7. Jump 285, canopy collision. Other dewds kite wraped around my lines jez above my head. Thought I was clear of all his stuff when I cut away. Felt myself falling sideways, still hung up in his lines...had to do some flappin to get free and deploy reserve. No rigger in the area at the time (had to put my rig on a bus to McElfish in Dallas to have Mike McGowen repack and put it back on the bus...took a week or so) So...back out to the DZ the day after the collision, and borrowed a friends rig to "get back on the horse". His kite flew completely different from mine, very sharp and choppy. Scared the piss outta me. TWO jumps in a row I got skeered. Waited till my rig came back on the bus a couple weeks later. A month after that - jump 300, total on the main, streamer to explosion on reserve...broken back and assorted other stuff....THAT one I retired from.
  8. From a Freak Brothers Boogie in the mid 80's... "Heavy Steve and The Electric Buttplugs" When ever they would announce us, everyone on the load started yelling "I'm STEVE I'm STEVE!!"
  9. QuoteWhen I bounced I remember think "shit this is going to hurt like hell!" And it did and still does to this day everyday! What Bry said....50' off the deck with a streamering reserve over head. "yep, this is gonna leave a mark"
  10. Hey big man! Good to see you're checkin' in! -------------------------------------------------------------------- I come out of lurking every couple years to let my smartazz flag fly
  11. [Because of the earths rotation parachutes fly faster & farther when facing west, newer jumper usually are encouraged to face east only when they land...it takes some practice & experience to land safely without flying directly north in the northern hemisphere or south in the southern ] Although skydivers represent a fairly small % of the total world population, they account for over 1/3 of the sunglasses sales, due to the afore mentioned phenomenon by Twardo. I remember one late afternoon dive as a new jumper, making my final approach due west with no shades. I had to do a "mergency" divert landing to the North east and dang near did myself in. Still scares me to this day thinking about it. I'm sittin here at my desk shaking like a squirrel tryin to crap a peach seed.
  12. I was on that load too Mike. While waiting to exit, a jumper (who was also a DC-3 pilot) told me to look out the window at the feathered prop. Said "you won't get many opportunities to see THAT while in flight!"
  13. Yep, sunsets rock...nice shots all! Here's one from South Louisiana.
  14. Chuck, Curly jumped Spaceland in the 80's when it was in League City? Heck of a nice guy, always took the time with us new guys to pass along hs knowledge.