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  1. What's the SIM? Skydiving Instructors Manual? I'm guessing, here. Where do I get one?
  2. OK, so what is the minimum for a successful cutaway...? Just roughly - I'm trying to get an indication from the forum - I will take these thoughts back to my instructor when the time comes.
  3. That thread was an enlightening read. Thank you. It could happen again and next time I'm unlikely to have an instructor with me. I have to say I don't remember seeing the ground at all and the instructor in the debrief told me to forget about what we had to do on the jump or whether I fail or not and have to repeat - it's not important. On my next jumps I will focus heavily on it. I'll probably buy one anyway now that I've been there and done that under the circumstances that I have, but it will make me focus much more on what I am supposed to be REALLY thinking about than just passing a level where I do a couple of rolls or turns. I understand what those guys are saying in that thread. Cheers NWFLYER
  4. Thanks to everyone. I guess sparky gave me the answers I was looking for. Can't wait to jump again! But this time I will have an audible alti as a backup in case it happens again - and there won't be any more low pulls in my case history for sure. Altitude awareness. Don't YOU forget it.
  5. I guess what I am getting at is how low is low? I've experienced low, now. I bet the instructor has done it that low before. But wonder how low could I have gone. How much time does the parachute need to open and decelerate you in order to have a good landing? I want to know what the limits are. I wasn't relying on my instructor. Having gone through it i think I am experienced enough to ask these questions. I opened a full 1000m below where I should have. At that alti could I have cutaway if I had had a mal? Best, - Chris
  6. I pulled main. Upside down. I saw pilot go out and released. Almost tangled. I can just see it snaking around my arm as i snatched it (my arm) back in. But seeing the instructor there gave me confidence. I thought the dive was still on as he came around to my front then right. Even though I glimpsed my alti at 1000m I think that gave me a false sense of security. I was lucky not to have 2 out. Instructor said you are responsible for your saftey and he's absolutely right. But it made me think twice. He was obviously busy coming around to try to pull for me - he said every time he approached I went unstable. But I only saw him once. It was surreal. He says get back into it in 2 weeks. I wont get back until I'm physically fit enough to do it. He says i'm not agile enough and he's right. I'd like to know what the safety limits are for instructors. I jumped in Australia. Best, - Chris
  7. I made a low pull, I lost alti-awareness on jump 9. Under canopy at 350m. Was in a spin and couldn't focus on alti. I lost contact with my instructor, but he then re-appeared past 1000m and tried to pull for me. I pulled myself. Safe landing. Big thanks to my instructor. He went through his own personal safety limits, i'm sure. I shoud have pulled when i felt out of control, shouldn't I? That was the right thing to do? Tell me what you think.
  8. Can somebody please explain how these devices work. I wasn't informed about them on my AAF course. I just wore one (analog) or whatever that means. Thanks, Chris Best, - Chris
  9. Hi, Thanks everyone for their thoughts. No radios on the course but we did have a big arrow which I followed to guide me in. I have to say that I agree with the poster who said that radios wil be similar - I didn't learn anything about what I was doing because I was too busy following the arrow. This was my first unaided jump and i so nearly got it right, then went for the downwind landing because i wasn't sure what would happened if i turned and it turned out to be too low. I only remembered the "NO LOW TURNS" rule. In any event I did learn a lot because i had to gauge every thing for myself this time around. I'll do better next time - esp if the dropzone at Perris is bigger than the one I've just come from. Cheers, Chris Best, - Chris
  10. Hi, Yes, I will continue at another DZ - probably Perris in February where no doubt I will have to do the whole lot again, but hopefully I will get more instructor time there. The DZ I've just come from were more interested in Tandems than instructing me in the early stages. Chris Best, - Chris
  11. Hi, My holiday is over and I didn't complete the course because of the injuries. I won't be seeing those instructors again. Best, - Chris Best, - Chris
  12. Hi, I'm AFF student who got to L5 but landed downwind and got dragged into some trees about 10m. It was a small DZ. I understand the basics of landing but could do with more theory. FF and CC are good, but I need more tuition on approach, base and final leg. I was at 250ft on final leg and thought it too late to turn though the instructors said this was ok afterward. Could you please advise of books, articles or personal advice so I can improve for when the stitches come out? Thanks, Chris Best, - Chris