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  1. wwarped

    Just Jumped in Saudi!

    huh? were you skydiving or BASE jumping? congrats either way...
  2. wwarped

    Clair Halliday

    Clair entered BASE using a completely non-standard approach. it generated much discussion, which became heated. simply type "CLAIR" into the search box and you'll get 10 pages links. have fun reading! (the goal is for you to develop your own opinion. find out what you may think.)
  3. wwarped

    Same Song & Dance . . .

    it's called "facilitating." the government safety net encourages some to act more recklessly. many already avoid working because it would not pay enough to leave government assistance. many in the US are constantly trying to "rig" the system. they'll spend much more energy avoiding some rule than just going along with it... now, do not take my comments as a enthusiastic endorsement of the current medical system in the US. it is incredibly flawed. I just disagree with where people look for answers - to others. I've seen seriously obese people suffer heart attacks, and then complain that the doctors failed to return them to perfect health. no system will work until people take advantage of the simple ways to assume responsibility. i.e. Tom's umbella insurance policy or the $5 tracking device for those guys up on Mt Hood... cultures that encourage responsible behavior are far better candidates for enhanced social services.
  4. wwarped

    Curious about sliders

    should this be added to the "before you post" info?
  5. wwarped

    Ground Crew Etiquette

    some useful books... - first aid book - map to the local hospitals - YOUR phonebook
  6. wwarped

    PC packing methods

    leaving the pull-up cord around the lines could prove tragic, but it is no where near the same as using a pull-up cord on a PC. (assuming you need that pull-up cord to close your pin rig...)
  7. wwarped

    Trivia contest question

    isn't Montana home to some smoke jumpers?
  8. wwarped

    Terminal velocity

    ain't that what Yuri just said? his variables include time and terminal velocity. so all that stuff about shape, friction, humidity, etc. get incorporated into the terminal velocity. guess we need someone all instrumented up to figure out that number. GO FOR IT!
  9. wwarped

    Terminal velocity

    it looks like you created ratios of Bernoulli's dynamic pressure... [sarcasm] what about changes in density as you descend? what about compressibility effects? [/sarcasm] it's a nice little derivation to show the relationship between acceleration and velocity. did you do something as simple to come up with the speed calculations?
  10. wwarped

    Terminal velocity

    true to expand on what you wrote: Mass * A(gravity) - aerodynamic forces = Mass * A(total) understanding A(total) depends on how someone calculates the aerodynamic forces... it is not simple. Yuri might be right, I do not know his starting assumptions. overall, incorrect. granted, friction plays a significant role in boundary layer conditions. but shape typically impacts the resulting forces much more. that is why Cessnas use tapered fairings. they are much more costly to manufacture than a simple piece of tubing. but it makes a huge difference. remember, the coefficient of friciton would be the same for a painted tube or a painted fairing. but the fairing has more surface area. defining forces only on friction would mean the faired strut would generate MORE drag than a simple tube. as the fairing is for more costly to manufacture, and would represent greater drag, why do it? the answer is the profile drag on the fairing is far less than that of a tube. shape matters. edited to add to clarify, the discussion above meant to explain why Cessna streamlined the wing support strut. it also explains why manufacturer moved away from wire cross-bracing. (just in case I mislead with my choice of terms.)
  11. wwarped

    Terminal velocity

    one poster tried to predict behavior based on High School physics. that frequently is Newtonian and neglects the effects of air. when I fly or jump, I really like the effects of air. thus the H.S. physics model no longer applies. I tried to build upon that model, to the extent required by most jumpers. (there is much I do not consult before jumping, string theory being one.) I meant to inform at a level ALL could understand (while obviously risking offense via oversimplification). apologies if my approach annoyed.
  12. wwarped

    Terminal velocity

    I would have thought something heavier with a smaller surface area would reach terminal slightly faster then something of the same size and lighter. why is this not so ? acceleration due to gravity is a constant, period. in High School physics, they like the phrase "neglecting the effects of air." thus, a feather and a sandbag will fall at the same speed, in a vacuum. it explains gravity quite well and explains motion in space. unfortunately, if the air has NO effect, there is NO aerodynamics and aircraft can't fly. the air creates a force that fights gravity and changes acceleration patterns. roughly, much depends on the ratio of surface area to weight. compare the surface area/weight ratio of a feather to a sandbag... people have correctly mentioned pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. as things affecting terminal velocity. I personally think the shape YOU present to the wind will can have a greater impact.
  13. wwarped

    Terminal velocity

    aircraft speed tends to be horizontal and is NOT a factor in standard terminal velocity (which is vertical).
  14. wwarped

    Twin Falls Opinions: The Beginning of the End?

    understood. but as you pointed out, we will never know somethings unless we try (and use that squishy stuff between out ears.) the key appears to be limiting our impact on traffic. local jumpers can best identify WHAT impacts traffic...
  15. wwarped

    1st German Base Cup, it was a blast

    congrats! sounds like a wonderful site.