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  1. I just finished this year's course and can easily say that it was a great experience. There was no militant style of instruction going on whatsoever. "I promise, I will never die."
  2. I have a Velo 103 and a 27 Xaos 98 loaded at about 2.25-2.3. I find that my Velo hunts less than my Xaos. My Xaos does have quicker openings, though. With all the factors involved with the opening sequence on X-braced canopies, I do agree with doing nothing but staying even in the harness, to a point. "If" my canopy decides to take that last ditch hard turn after it inflates, I'm pulling on the opposite riser to steer it back. "I promise, I will never die."
  3. Oh, and I returned all the handles. I think the DZO's were more happy about that than the fact I survived. "I promise, I will never die."
  4. You didn't try hard enough to clear the tension knot. You just got scared. That's what your packer told me He's right. I do get scared easy. "I promise, I will never die."
  5. I like the GE products on the Viper. "I promise, I will never die."
  6. Strong. RSL. No Skyhook. No stability problems. "I promise, I will never die."
  7. I would throw this example in just for thought. Say you go into a level of windshear where you get a -15mph change in windspeed (BTW, this happens in a lot of landing areas surrounded by trees). The canopy is going to surge forward to get back it's flying airspeed. Would you want to be in brakes when this happens? Personally, I want my canopy pressurized and fast so I can easily compensate for that change by exchanging speed for lift. Also, with the canopy being pressurized, there is less of a chance of it folding up. "I promise, I will never die."
  8. Tension knots on the left side. Acted like a really bad end cell closure. Tried to clear, couldn't. Cutaway. Lived. Beer! "I promise, I will never die."
  9. Quite the wingloading you've got there! Oops! 1.5 "I promise, I will never die."
  10. My wingsuit canopy is a Stiletto 150 at 1:5 (no cutaways, yet). However, I am experienced and have a stable body position at deployment. Load up a Stiletto anymore, like most canopies, and I think your odds of a cutaway will go up. "I promise, I will never die."
  11. Nice "I promise, I will never die."
  12. Bump. Lets see some more pics. "I promise, I will never die."
  13. Traditional Air Guard pilot and Netjets pilot. I have my Tandem, S/L, and IAD ratings. Thought about getting AFF certified, but it just isn't popular around my area. "I promise, I will never die."
  14. I currently have 3 G4's. 2 for swooping and 1 for wingsuiting and demos. The first one I bought in 2005. It is a M2 and has a Stiletto 150 and PD143. Second one I bought last year. It is a MT and has a Velo 103 and PD126. Last one I got this year. It is a MT and has a 27 Xaos 98 and PD126. I'm all set on rigs now for awhile. Flash on my camera made the colors look a little brighter than they really are. What looks white in some of the pics is actually lemon. "I promise, I will never die."
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    Congrats! See you in the AOR. "I promise, I will never die."
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    Congrats getting that track. I chose not to go the Marine route back in the day because most you guys get helos. Plus, a lot of former Marine fighter pilots told me to go Air Guard. None of them regretted their Marine experience, however. Good luck with follow-on. "I promise, I will never die."
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    F-16, 1100 hours (3 x OIF tours) ATP AMEL, CE-750 (Citation X) Commercial ASEL CFI - ASEL 4000 hours TT Still flying F-16's with the Air Guard. Flying the X with a fractional and corporate contract. Tandem and SL/IAD instructor on the weekends. Living the dream! "I promise, I will never die."
  18. Like I said, enjoy every minute there and hold on to your excitement and motivation. THE SUCK will begin before you know it Lt. If you can stay positive, you'll be able to deal with the military BS after your training is done. Your flying WILL become secondary to admin queep. "I promise, I will never die."
  19. Matt, Should have joined the Guard! Good choice choosing the T-1. Especially if you have any aspirations of flying after active duty. The former DO of my guard squadron is the Guard Advisor at Randolph. From what he's told me, now is a horrible time for anyone on AD that want to fly fighters. UAV's are way undermanned. Heavy's aren't safe either, but at least you could get enought flight time after one tour to use it in the civilian world. Enjoy everyday of UPT. You will miss these days. Good luck with T-1's -Kid (Sheppard 02-01) "I promise, I will never die."
  20. I have mine in an M2 with a PD 143 (not an optimum). I wouldn't put anything bigger than a 150 in it. M1 seems small to me, but it might work with the optimum. "I promise, I will never die."
  21. Christ, let it GO!! It was stolen. Sh!t happens. Life goes on. Get another gun. Get the S&W 500 with 4" barrel. It shoots through schools.
  22. Super Mach 1 "I promise, I will never die."