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  1. Black. although other colors may "look nicer" it makes seeing markers much more difficult at altitude. Function over form!
  2. If your question is regarding ejection in today's aircraft: This is not longer an issue given that ejection using current Aces II technology ensures (providing manual override is not selected) for pilots to fall attached to the seat from any given altitude (with the assistance of a drouge parachute) to an altitude of 15,000 MSL where automatic man-seat seperation and parachute deployment occurs. This system was introduced for a number of reasons, spinning during deployment being one of them. If not: sorry to waste post space...
  3. With you on your pics there Stu, definately the favorites.
  4. Dan, I would agree with Matt that it looks like the late transition off rears to toggles is the likely culprit. I have experienced an identical effect on my Comp 71 if I ride the rears to long or am putting too much input on the canopy entering the gates. Of course, it could be a lack of Cheesy Poofs as well.
  5. Tim is definately rubbing off on you, nice elbow from the top rope!
  6. Just met Dennis this last weekend and he was clearly an inspiring guy with lots of posative energy. Please pass on my condolances to all the family and friends at Spaceland.
  7. As always Dave organized a great event and certainly leaves some big shoes to fill! Also a huge thanks to the staff and judges at Spaceland for all their hard work in the blistering Texas heat to make the event possible.
  8. Mike, Refering to the speed/distance question, the glide ratio of two identically designed canpoies under the same wingload has much less to do with glide and much more to do with parasitic drag and available lift. Parasitic drag (increases with canopy size and certain shapes)and the canopies available lift or "stall point" is where the canopy bleeds off lift as speed decreases (increases with smaller sized canopies. Translated: the 96 given the same entry speed and wingload would "likely" go farther given that it's size advantage enables it to maintain lift at lower speeds. This of course assumes that the drag of the increased size does not overcome this advantage (ie. head wind on landing which increases this exponetially)
  9. Unfortunately yes, white with red ribs will make pink. One of the worst gear choices I have ever made!
  10. Here is a great chance to hone your canopy skills while being coached by the best; and all for a great cause-the Wounded Warrior Project! On the 19th and 20th of June, Gold Coast Skydivers will be bringing in Brian McNenney and Scott Roberts from Slipstream Airsports to provide canopy coaching at the SERIOUSLY reduced fee. Detailed information regarding the Wounded Warrior Boogie at Gold Coast Skydivers can be found on our Facebook Page: Goldcoast Skydivers-Wounded Warrior Project Contact Bryan Buechler at [email protected] with questions and to register. Removed pricing info. Against forum rules ~ Ian
  11. Way to go Pia, you da Wo-MAN! Great job, cant wait to see you ripping it up and making those boys cry at Palatka!
  12. Right at 125 ft from entrance gate to shore line
  13. Dave, any chance of dodging having the Spaceland event on 25-26 Sept as there is already an event in Florida that weekend.....yeah I know, I am asking for a ton of responses on this one but what the hell.
  14. COMPETITORS NAME--------EATING Y/N---- # GUESTS Albert Berchtold Y Greg Windmiller Y 1 Ian Drennan Y 0 David Holm Y 0 Bryan Buechler Y +O (Hailey staying home)
  15. Scott Roberts makes a great product, padded for comfort and can hold LOTS of weight >35 lbs. Also very affordable. http://www.peaengineering.com/WTBELTS.htm
  16. I am in nursing school and couldnt even come to the event....its worked for me the last 2 events and worlds too! See you guys at Raeford! Will be there Weds. to commune with the pond for a few days...(loosely translated to swimming practice).
  17. Geez, I wonder who that comment was pointed at? Don't be a skinny guy hater. You coming out to Texas this year too? I will be free for all of the Texas League, no more school after May 9th!
  18. There is a regulation which is a matter of public record (google) which describes the specific requirements for each. (US Army reg, 350-2, FM for Military Freefall, USAF reg 11-410 Parachuting Operations, and US Navy Operating instructions) The short answer is an approved course for each: Coach- no rating currently exsists. AFFI; US Army MFF Instructor Course and OJT Tandem: US Army approved tandem instructor course Tandem I/E same as above.
  19. The full answer to your question is far to lengthy for this forum but the short (over simplified) version is: Two canopies: Same design, different proportions longer line lengths = longer pendulum effect, longer recovery. (inverse is also true) larger canopy= more drag, but also more overall recovery from dive and turn due to increased surface area. (inverse also true) These two seperate effects of downsizing are inversely exponentional to themselves. (fancy way of saying that the smaller/larger the sizes do not increase or decrease recovery or drag at a linear rate, it increases much more on the ends of extremity) Using your example 170 vs. 135 (all other things being equal) Both canopies will share the same designed glide slope, the 135 will be faster due to reduced surface area and drag, faster turn rate due to shorter distance betweeen point or rotation and point of anchor, faster recovery to wings level flight due to same effect; but, longer overall recovery to original glide slope to reduced surface area.available. Others please chime in if you can give a better explaination.
  20. I couldn't agree more. If someone is foolish enough to ignore the advise of the masses and downsize that agressively, it is unlikely that they will listen to any reasoning regardless of how scientific it's basis.
  21. I want to show that jumping a 79, loaded at 1.9/ 2.0 is the same as jumping a 96 at a wingloading 2.5. In what ways, you have to be more specific: Riser pressure; front/rear, Turn rate, Glide ratio, Mean Air Speed, Mean Dive Angle, Recovery Arch, Toggle Throw?
  22. *** why particularly them and why danger of a 79 @1.9? He wants to prove why I still have your $2.00
  23. what are you intending to demonstrate by this test: Your hypothosis.
  24. This reads like stereo instructions but will answer all your questions.These are last years rules which have upcoming changes for accuracy this year. As you have already mentioned TRAINING is the fastest and safest way to learn. There are right and wrong ways to train how to meet the requirements of these rules for "swooping." Enjoy, Bryan http://www.fai.org/parachuting/system/files/cpiloting_2009.pdf
  25. This is some of the best advise I have seen posted here, EVER! Words for everyone to consider.... Where do you really get the most bang for your buck? Are we really getting a 100% out of what we have and do already? ...of course, that doesn"t mean I still won"t buy a Comp Velo next month, it just means I will be in debt for training and a new canopy. -See you next Sat, I am bringing the $2.00s