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  1. If your terms of employment are to be at work till a certain prescribed time and they send you home early (for whatever reason), then it is only reasonable for them to pay you for the entire day. Even if this were not the case; the events of last thursday were extraordinary, and it would have been in poor taste for them not to show some concern and make extra concessions. I'm glad you weren't hurt and also that you're having good experiences with Americans - we're not all loud obnoxious gun-totin' Bush-lovin' republicans! hmm..I'm gonna get pummeled for that one.. "Hold on to the goodness in the people you connect with."
  2. Although this dropzone is a little off the beaten path, it has a large number of return jumpers because of all of the things which come together to make it, as one friend described it; "magical." As with all dz's, it is comprised of jumpers who tend to be a very dynamic, open, and usually positive crowd. Skydive New England has cornered the market in this respect with an apparent excess of truly talented people who can be counted on to answer any questions you have and help you to become acclimated whether you're a student or a visitor just rambling on through. You can usually find others to jump with quite easily and the atmosphere is always upbeat and dedicated towards refining one's skills & disciplines in a fun and positive way. Another great aspect of this dz is that, because a lot of the seasonal employees live on the premises, the fun doesn't end when the sun goes down and most of the people you've jumped with during the day can be found congregated 'round the bonfire talking and if it's a saturday night, listening to a live band the owner's have brought up from Boston. Hopefully I'll see you there one of these days and you can get a taste of it for yourself....first timers gotta bring beer!
  3. I'm gettin' nervous since my 100th is coming up and one of my friends said they'd cream-pie me in the face.. "Hold on to the goodness in the people you connect with."
  4. Hey there! Is anyone else from Skydive New England or Pepperell heading on down to the boogie and interested in maybe defraying the cost of a rental car together? I'm contemplating heading out maybe the saturday or sunday before so I can also hit Sebastion; Z-Hills; DeLand, then going back the following sunday. It would be cool to fly out with a few other jumpers, too. If you wanna try and work something out, I'm somewhat flexible (haven't booked anything yet). Thanks! "Hold on to the goodness in the people you connect with."
  5. Hey - thanks for all of the great info guys! In case anyone else is interested; I spoke to Rob Laidlaw yesterday at Deland and he said that there will be two programs held this year - one for belly flying and one for freeflying. The information should be posted soon at the skydive U site (www.skydiveu.com) within the next week or so and promises to be comprehensive and jam-packed with lots of learning and individualized/small group instruction from a lot of really accomplished/talented individuals. I certainly plan to be there (if I can get my debt down enough to jack it back up again! )
  6. Can anyone tell me anything about a program called 'The Search?' A friend of mine said it is run by Skydive-U at Deland during the winter for new jumpers who want to hone their skills in an intensive week-long program but I haven't been able to find any info about it anywhere. Thanks!